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In geometry, tangent circles are circles in a common plane that intersect in a single point. There are two types of tangency: internal and external. Many problems and constructions in geometry are related to tangent circles; such problems often have real-life applications such as trilateration and maximizing the use ...


Some examples of circles in real life are camera lenses, pizzas, tires, Ferris wheels, rings, steering wheels, cakes, pies, buttons and a satellite's orbit around the ...


As I sit in my family room typing this, I am looking around for circles. (That will explain ... As they come into sight, I realize that some of my circles are simply chosen for decoration and others use properties of circles.

Sep 19, 2015 ... Circles -Application and importance in our day to day life. ... launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video.


Car makers - measure car wheels to make sure they fit. Race engineers - Use it to find out what size tire gives them the most performance. Bakers ...


Circles and ellipses are encountered in everyday life, and knowing how to solve ... Describe applications of the circle and ellipse formulas to real world problems  ...


Oct 24, 2013 ... Worksheet or cards of 24 illustrated real life circle problems. ... choose the correct formula and use the correct number (sometime radius given, ...


Nov 21, 2009 ... Here are some pictures of circles in real life application This is a clock. ... Are you familiar with what sports does these ball is being used?


It can be used to calculate distances like the heights of mountains or how far away the stars in the sky are. The cyclic, repeated nature of trig functions means that ...


... and uses of them, but and i cant seem to find real life uses for circles. What are real life uses of circles? ... Does it use the circumference of the circular tire?