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Special effects are illusions or visual tricks used in the film, television, theatre, video game, and .... Many films became landmarks in special-effects accomplishments: Forbidden Planet used matte...

46 Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects


Back in the day, filmmakers used matte paintings, miniature models and trick photography to achieve impossible looking cinematic effects. Today, Hollywood.

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Feb 2, 2011 ... Cool video on special effects/CGI in animated films.

How special effects transformed the movies | TechRadar


Aug 30, 2015 ... To create movies of the quality we now expect, special effects houses ... the cartoon humans that made The Incredibles so much fun to watch.

How Special Effects Artists Work | HowStuffWorks


Special effects artists create movie magic using on-set effects and computer ... of cinematic magic is made possible by the hard work of special effects artists.

A Brief History of Movie Special Effects - Photo Essays - TIME


A Brief History of Movie Special Effects. From early animation to the most sophisticated of computer-generated images, TIME takes a look at Hollywood's long ...

Hollywood's Secrets Revealed: Special Effects in the Movies ...


Look inside the creation of some of special effects in the movies. ... When done well, the composited scene is hard to disbelieve. One of the oldest compositing ...

Behind-The-Scenes Videos Show How Iconic Movie Special Effects ...


Behind-The-Scenes Videos Show How Iconic Movie Special Effects Were Made · Vincze Miklós · 3/30/15 6:00pm · Filed to: vfx · movies · special effects · 32 10.

Movies Before And After Visual Effects - Business Insider


Feb 22, 2014 ... While watching a movie at home or in theaters, sometimes we forget the special effects that go into bringing a film to life. This year, "Gravity," ...

7 Amazing Movie Special Effects You Won't Believe Aren't CGI


Mar 11, 2013 ... However, although the original film did contain some computer-generated effects, most of it was done by hand -- yes, even those bitchin' ...

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10 surprising ways famous film special effects were made | TechRadar


Aug 27, 2015 ... 10 surprising ways famous film special effects were made ... Here are ten surprising ways that tech has been used to create recent films:.

How do they create the special effects in movies like The Matrix ...


In movies like "The Matrix" and "Lost in Space," and in some TV commercials, there is an effect where the action freezes and the camera "walks around" the ...

How Special Effects In Movies Are Made | KIXP


Jun 3, 2013 ... People are always amazed at how realistic special effects are in films nowadays. Technology moves on so quickly that even if you look back ...