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The Netherland Dwarf is a popular breed of domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) originating ... The Netherland Dwarf's head and eyes are disproportionately large with respect to its body, (due to ... Dwarf rabbits don't like to be picked up or held tightly; and they can bite, scratch or struggle wildly if the child does so.

May 8, 2010 ... These two Netherland Dwarf rabbits are only 8 weeks old. They are sisters and we've called them Star and Sparkle.. great with children, and a ...


Dec 30, 2014 ... Netherland dwarf rabbits are often called gems of the rabbit world – small, round creatures with big personalities. ... If no dwarf gene is inherited, the resulting offspring will grow to a normal-sized rabbit that exceeds the 2 1/2 ...


The Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Breed Information and Facts profile, including ... look quite as babyish as pedigree Netherland Dwarfs and are often a bit bigger. ... As a bunny's teeth grow constantly they need access to foods and gnaws that will ...


Caring for Netherland Dwarf rabbits is similar to the care you'd provide for any rabbit. ... just as long as you make sure there's an area where the rabbit can be off the wire to rest .... If they don't chew frequently, their teeth can grow out of control.


There are many out there who are selling unhealthy dwarf rabbits that will most likely .... Thank you so much, this will help convince my parents to get the rabbit.


Even full-grown, Netherland Dwarf Rabbits have a babyish appearance. ... you can make sure he doesn't get into trouble and he will get to know you better. ... With their round faces, large eyes and short pointed ears, these rabbits retain their ...


A fixed rabbit is guaranteed to live longer since neutering helps get rid of possible genetic diseases that can occur. Rabbits are very loving and adorable pets, ...


Find out what you need to know about the Netherland Dwarf rabbit. ... They are the smallest of the dwarf breeds with a fully grown weight that can range from 1.5 lb ... This is not a rabbit that requires as much feeding as other breeds, but the amount of ... Just keep it in mind if you get the chance to do so, but do not let it be the ...


Feb 23, 2016 ... Tiny rabbits with huge hearts and even bigger personalities: If you're ... Netherland Dwarf rabbits first made an appearance in the US in 1965, and quickly ... Being a dwarf breed, there are a few issues you should look out for.