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Bipolar Mood Swings, Stabilizers, Triggers, and Mania - WebMD

If you or a loved one has bipolar disorder, learn more from the experts at WebMD about identifying the triggers that may lead to disruptive mood swings.

Mood Swings: PMS and Your Emotional Health - Everyday Health

Feb 17, 2010 ... Severe PMS can cause mood swings and other emotional changes. ... can help women control mood changes and other emotional difficulties.

Tips to Stop Mood Swings & Spot Signs of Depression - Moodiness ...

Learn how to reduce mood swings and spot signs of depression. Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts, and sleep better and stress less.

Overcoming | Overcoming Mood Swings | Understanding Mood ...

Information on the causes of mood swings, what they are and how to overcome them successfully.

Understanding mood swings -

Jun 30, 2015 ... When is my mood more than just a mood? ... Make sure you get enough sleep, avoid drugs and alcohol, and try to reduce stress in your life.

How can I control my mood swings | 2KnowMySelf

How can I control my mood swings. In my previous article Causes of mood swings I explained how mood swings happen as the result of receiving an external ...

Mood Swings and how to Get Over Them | 2KnowMySelf

an article about the causes of sudden mood swings and how to get over them. ... But I don't Remember Having Such Thoughts, My Mood just Swings ... The Ultimate Guide To Maintaining A Healthy Relationship Reduce fights, avoid breakups ...

Why Am I in Such a Bad Mood? - KidsHealth

When It's More Than Just a Mood; Taking Control ... Understanding that almost everyone goes through mood swings during their teen years might make them ...

Anxiety, Irritability & Mood Swings | Women in Balance Institute

If your anxiety and mood swings are strong enough to interfere with your ... Fresh or frozen, they reduce oxidative stress which assaults the cells of the body.

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8 Causes and Treatments of Mood Swings - Quick and Dirty Tips

Sep 21, 2011 ... Get your mojo back! Learn the 8 top causes of mood swings and 8 ways to treat them. ... This is the really BEST Answer on My Research.

Ten Ways To Ease Painful Mood Swings Without Taking Pills - Forbes

Nov 29, 2012 ... Millions of Americans take pills to temper their mood swings. ... link negative acts to unrelated outcomes—“Hurricane Sandy ravaged my basement, ... you're externalizing—feel that she's blaming you for having no self-control.

How to Control Mood Swings (with Pictures) - wikiHow

One of the most important things you can do to control your mood swings is to ... something like, "Excuse me, but I need a few minutes to gather my thoughts.

Hormones Changes, Mood Swings, and Physical Effects - WebMD

Why Are My Hormones Low? ... Experts say that mood swings and other symptoms do not necessarily indicate abnormal ... Which Birth Control Is Right for You?

Anxiety and Mood Swings - Calm Clinic

Mood swings are rarely the only anxiety symptom, so take my anxiety test to find .... All of these can help you control your mood swings, but they're unlikely to be ...