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Waves (hairstyle)


360 Waves (often shortened to waves or "360 waves") is a hairstyle, generally worn by men. The hair is cropped short to the head in the styling of a Caesar cut.

How To Get 360 Waves On The Sides - 360WaveProcess


I've noticed from my own hair that after low haircuts my waves on the side loose definition. This coupled with the observation that most black men with coarse, ...

3 simple Tips To Getting 360 Waves Fast! - No More Secrets


Jul 15, 2012 ... Hey, My name is Rashaad Rahh and I help guys learn to get a hair style called 360 waves. Many guys message me on my Youtube Channel ...

How To Get 360 Waves for Beginners: How to Make Your 360 ...


Mar 14, 2013 ... I can help you learn how to make your 360 waves wider. ... Hey, My name is Rashaad Rahh and I help guys learn to get a hair style called 360 ...

360 Waves Formula


But from that day, my passion & quest to get 360 hair waves was kindled. So I went & asked around, how to get 360 waves. And the craziest thing is, everybody  ...

How To Get Deep 360 Waves EASY and FAST - Black Hair


Nov 10, 2014 ... How To Get Deep 360 Waves EASY and FAST. Black Hair Men ... Homemade Hair Deep Conditioner Apple Cider Vinegar, Eggs, Mayonnaise, ...

How to get 360 waves, a short hairstyle worn by African American men


How to get 360 waves, a short hairstyle worn by African American men. ... My advice is to texturize the hair first to soften it. I suggest using a texturizing kit, like ...

How to Get 360 Waves


Detailed instructions on how to get 360 waves in your hair. ... im white. if my hair gets wet before waves develop, do i have to start sgain? (i've been brushing for ...

How Do I Get Deeper Waves - HairTalk® - 64474 - HairBoutique.com


I had finished wolfin 4 mayb 6 weeks...n wanted 2 cut my har fro prom...n da barber decides 2 cut my hair low...wen i tod him dark caesar...so ...

How to get deep waves in my hair - Quora


How can I get the perfect beach wave hair? ... Hair: I had my hair lightened and then used bleach for the highlights. I read that ... How do I get 360 waves in hair?

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So let's start with the tools you'll need to achieve deeper waves: First, you'll ... I know this sound weird but I don't brush my hair but instead comb my hair back!



May 20, 2013 ... hair game on fleek .... I used too have deep waves and I keep brushing and my waves get thinner ... Water in general hydrates and softens hair.

How To Get Deep Waves (HD] - YouTube


May 28, 2014 ... Ok bro I been in the wave game for about 5 years and my waves are at ... I was my hair every Wednesday and Sunday with Shea moisture and I ...

How to Get 360 Waves Overnight: Fast and Easy - 360WaveProcess


Dec 12, 2014 ... A lot of guys have been asking if its possible to get 360 waves ... Continue reading to get my, expert, estimate of the number of days it will take to get waves. ... With a hair texture similar to 360 Mike's you are more likely to see ...

How to Get 360 Waves: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Ensure that your hair and scalp are in good condition. The type of hair is not as much of an issue but the more prone your ...