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How to Stop My Period
A menstrual cycle, or period, is Mother Nature's way of allowing women to monitor their reproductive health. During puberty, most girls develop a menstrual cycle, indicating their fertility. This cycle occurs once a month for up to forty years. For one... More »
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Menstrual Cycle Myths: 6 Ideas About Your Period That It's Time To ...

Nov 7, 2014 ... You've been getting your period since you were 13, and you still can't say for .... to say that i can go crazy when i get wet by the rain during my period.. squint emoticon ...

How to Stop Your Period |

Why Is My Period So Heavy? ... Many women ask if there any ways to stop having their periods. ... Still others would just like to delay a period for a day or two so they can do something or go somewhere without the inconvenience of having it.

Periods (Excessive Bleeding) Home Remedies | My Home Remedies

Continue this remedy until it stops, It worked for me and I have anemia so I had to stop the blood loss. Also it made my period more ...

How to stop your period early - Women magazine

Dec 1, 2014 ... Most women tend to wonder if there are ways that can help them stop or even shorter their periods, because having a period can cause ...

About the NovaSure Procedure

NovaSure Endometrial Ablation is a one-time, 5-minute minimally invasive procedure that helps to lighten or stop heavy periods. Learn more on the official ...

How to Stop Your Period - Flo Living

Nov 12, 2013 ... In this post we talk about "how to stop your period" being a dream for ... PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome), my period stopped on it's own.

How can I delay my period? - Health questions - NHS Choices

If you take the combined contraceptive pill, you can delay your period by taking two packets of pills back to back.

[TMI] Any tips on making my period end faster? : TheGirlSurvivalGuide

Oct 3, 2014 ... Usually my period starts really slow then becomes heavy the next day, but it ... There's really no way to my knowledge to get it to end or stop any ...

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Read on to find out how to stop or delay your period – whatever the situation. 1. I want to… delay my period for a holiday. When it's just not convenient to have ...

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The sad news is that you can't stop it once it starts, but you certainly can try ways to make it end sooner and get ... Many girls ask questions like "will starting birth control stop your period" and the answer still remains no. ... I Want My Period .

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How to Stop Your Period Early. Menstruation for some women can be extremely painful, and a heavy flow makes for an unpleasant period. There are ways to ...

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Nov 18, 2012 ... Will regular vinegar work???? Amina. i want to stop my period because i'm going swimming for about 2 hours polease reply immediately. sweet.

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WebMD talks about how to stop your period with continuous birth control and whether or not it is safe. For some women, it sounds like a dream come true, while ...