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Picture this: You're walking down the street and suddenly you see your favourite celebrity walking by! How do ... How do I get over my fear of public speaking?


Want to contact your favorite movie star, singer or actress/actor to let them know how ... Respectfully tell the celebrity in your message how you feel about them and why they are important to you. ... Talk about the impact they've had on your life. .... How I go to a concert for my favorite band when I don't have enough money?


Many people dream of meeting their favorite celebrity. ... The Daily Show, morning talk shows, and late night talk shows all have many celebrity guests per week. .... What if when I meet my favorite celebrity, I can't control my awkward anxiety?


Here are some of the best tricks to meet your favorite celebrity: ... If you're able to fly out to watch your favorite celebrity on a talk show, you'll have a huge chance ...


Jul 18, 2016 ... Conventions like Comic-Con are often full of celebrities, and these tips ... At photo ops, it's sometimes considered rude to try to talk to the celebrity for too ... My friend Sam Maggs gives this extra-good advice in her book, "The ...


Nov 17, 2013 ... In my career, I'm fortunate to have a ton of opportunities to meet interesting and influential people. Every once in a while, this includes a celebrity! ... Odds are, the actor who played your favorite TV character loves the character ... right thing to say, have to make small talk over the holidays or when you have ...


Dec 2, 2015 ... This is a true story about how I became friends with a celebrity on Twitter (and off) . ... The emcee of The Roots, Black Thought, is one of my favorite rappers. ... I asked The Tonight Show for an interview -- they told me to talk to ...


Mar 21, 2012 ... The only place you can talk directly to a TRUE Celebrity! Our service is unique and offers a completely discreet one on one conversation with ...


Apr 23, 2014 ... I never met any of these stars from my hometown…but if the truth ... Ask about a favorite restaurant or snorkeling spot that both of you might've visited on the island. ... I started talking “studio” this and “record producer” that.