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Wahey! I've got my first period! Or have I? - Bodyform


Because once it's come, you know that your body's working the way it's ... If you're 17 years old and still haven't had your first period, it might be a good idea to ...

I Think I Had My First Period. How Can I Be Sure? - KidsHealth


At least I think it was my period because I had a red-brown smudge that lasted for a day and a half. The problem is, it lasted for such a short time that I'm not sure if it was my period or not. ... How Do You Know If Your Period Is Regular?

How to Know when You'll Get Your First Period: 14 Steps


But first it helps to know when your first period is going to arrive. .... However, if you get to the age of 16 and still haven't started your period, it might .... I'm scared that I'll get my period at school and have to embarrass myself asking a teacher.

How can I tell when my period will start? | U by Kotex


I can also usually tell if my period is coming because I get light cramping. If you've tried tracking your cycles, but if they're just too irregular to predict, consider ...

How to Know You Are Getting Your Period: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


How to Know You Are Getting Your Period. ... If yours varies wildly from month to month and you've had your period for longer than two or three years, it would ...

How do I know when my next period will be? | U by Kotex


With that number, you can predict the first day of your next period when adding 30 days to the last. So, if my last period started on February 2, I add 30 days and  ...

Dear Diary: Yesterday, I got my period for the first ... - | girlshealth.gov


My name's Molly, I'm 13 years old, and in January, I got my period for the first time . ... At the beginning of class, I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, then turned ... When you start getting it every month, you know when to expect it.

Signs Your Period Is Coming | Teen's First Menstrual Cycle


It's also normal to have lots of questions about your period. Here are some answers. ... What should I expect when I get my period? Periods usually last about 3-7 ...

First Period: 3 Signs Your Period is Coming | Always.com


So even if you feel like you'll never get your period, don't worry, you will! ... to these body changes, you can also ask your mom when she started her period. ... for Your First Period Since you never know when your first period will arrive, it's a  ...

Period Symptoms - U by Kotex


What to expect with your period. If you've already started menstruation, or if you' ve got the low down from your friends, you'll know that there can be some pretty ...