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Apr 1, 2010 ... Do you feel as if there is a spirit in your house? ... in my house and strange sounds i dont even know if theres a ghoust in my house �� .

How to Tell if Your House Is Haunted: 8 Steps


Pay attention to cold spots as some believe that this means there is a ghost in the room. Pay attention to ... Could my house be haunted if the doors often move?

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... presence? If so, take this quiz and find out if your house is truly haunted! ... When I was little I used to see ghosts, but not so much anymore. I think so, but it's  ...

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Jul 29, 2013 ... Whether you believe in ghosts or not, they say hauntings are usually ... Here are just ten signs that your house may be haunted, in no particular order. ... There have even been reports of guttural, animalistic sounds, in the case of .... I have seen my husband's spirit or his image in many places since his death ...

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Just take this out going quiz to see if there are other visitors living with you! I hope you ... Stop dreaming about ghost living in your home, today figure out if there really is! Created ... I promise i will tell truth. I can lie ... Not in my house theres not !

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Oct 16, 2012 ... Or you can review these six methods in which to detect and to dispel any ... a spending spree at GhostStop.com — and most have beneficial side effects ... Whatever you do, don't start in with “I think my house is haunted and ...

My House Is Haunted: What to Do | Paranormal Investigators Give ...


So how do you know if your house is haunted by ghosts and what can you do ... My theory is that the majority of spirits don't understand why they're there, they ...

Did someone die in this house? New site lets you search - NBC News


Oct 23, 2013 ... "I want to know if I'm moving into Andrea Yates' house where she drowned ... in the spooky spirit, the site is also getting traction among ghost hunters. ... learn from a neighbor that there had been a murder-suicide in the house.

The Signs, Symptoms and Types of a Real Haunting - Ghostsstory.com


Apr 10, 2014 ... This article will teach you how to determine if your house is truly haunted. ... You are here: Home Page · Ghost Stories The Signs, Symptoms and ... In this kind of haunting activity there is a spirit who tries to interact with the ... Signs of intelligent haunting can include hearing voices and seeing an apparit...

Do You Have a Ghost in Your House? How to Tell and What to Do ...


Jan 18, 2014 ... Here's how you can tell and what to do about it. Signs There's a Ghost in the House If there's a ghost in your house, chances are you already ...

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16 Signs That Your House is Haunted - Paranormal Phenomena


How do you know if that persistent rapping on your walls is bad plumbing or ... You hear heavy footsteps in the upstairs hallway when you know no one is up there. ... of course, which we have discussed in this space in the article "Ghosts: What ...

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Oct 26, 2014 ... There are lots of "ghost stories" out there, but we're, like, 100 ... "Ghost Stalkers," and Joanne Emmons, author of I Think My House Is Haunted!

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Dec 31, 2015 ... If you believe there could be a ghost in your house here are a few things to ... One of my relatives likes to tell the story of when demonic growls ...