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How to Tell Male & Female Kittens Apart
Whether you are caring for a new litter or you are thinking about adopting a kitten, being able to tell the difference between a male kitten and a female kitten is important. Sexing a kitten is a straightforward task that can be accomplished quickly and... More »
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Determining Gender (Sex) of a Kitten


Dec 16, 2014 ... Determining Gender (Sex) of a Kitten: Pet Health Topics is a collection of articles written at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington ...

How to Tell Male & Female Kittens Apart - Pets


Raising a litter of kittens is a joyful experience, but knowing which are male and which are female takes a bit of work. Each gender has distinctly different external  ...

How to Determine a Cat's Sex - Humane Society International


It's not always easy to figure out if a kitten or cat is a boy or girl. ... In adult cats, neutered males can be easily ... penis is relatively wide (about 1⁄2 inch apart).

How to Determine the Sex of a Kitten - Cats - LoveToKnow


If you're having difficulty determining the sex of a new kitten or trying to sort out a litter, it's no surprise. Many people have difficulty telling male kittens from ...

Differences in Male & Female Kittens at 5 Weeks Old - Pets


Handling. The most notable difference between male and female kittens is genital organs. ... The sexual organs and anus of a male cat are further apart, and the ...

How to Determine the Sex of Your Kitten - PetPlace.com


Sep 2, 2015 ... By learning about the reproductive anatomy of cats and comparing between male and female kittens, you have a better chance of telling them ...

How To Tell The Sex Of A KittenMale or Female? - Best Cat Art


You realize that you just don't know how to tell which sex a kitten is, you've taken a ... With young kittens, this is sometimes the easiest way to tell the sexes apart.

Determining Gender In Kittens - PawPeds


It is very handy to be able to determine the gender of your kittens. You would not be the first breeder who named a male "Lady", or a female "Tarzan"... In the ...

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Determining the Sex of a Cat | Photos | Male of Female Kitten? | petMD


Determining the sex of a cat can be difficult at times, especially if there is no other cat (or ... Here are a few steps to tell what your kitten's gender is… ... distance between the genitals and anus than females — ½ inch apart on a male kitten or ...

How to Determine the Gender of a Kitten - YouTube


Aug 11, 2010 ... I made this video to show you how to make sure your kitten ,or even cat, is a male or female. Its not as difficult as some would say. At least not ...

Sexing Kittens - tips and hints to determine the sex of your kitten or cat.


Nov 9, 2008 ... A lovely litter of 3-week-old kittens: four boys and one girl Many cat owners find it very difficult to determine the sex of kittens, particularly ...

How to Tell a Cat/Kitten's Gender Easily - Mercola.com


Aug 30, 2014 ... Determining the sex of a cat, even if it's a tiny kitten, is actually easier ... it's best to wait until a kitten is at least a month old to try to determine its ...

How to Determine the Sex of a Kitten: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


Mar 16, 2015 ... Make sure the kitten is in a warm, safe environment. Though it may not be obvious, young kittens are very vulnerable to the cold. Until they're ...