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Goldfish don't get pregnant; they're oviparous: The females swell with eggs, which they release in the water ... How to Tell if Your Goldfish Is Ready to Lay Eggs.

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Timing can help you tell if your goldfish are about to spawn. First, goldfish kept outdoors generally spawn in the springtime, while indoor goldfish tend to spawn  ...

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For goldfish, the term that is often used to describe them as being pregnant is ... Therefore, it can be very difficult to tell if your ryukin is really going to have ...

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Breeding process in goldfish simplified. The facts, how to tell the sex of your goldfish. Goldfish breeding behavior, signs to look for and raising fry.

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In technical terms, goldfish don't actually get pregnant as they are not ... The most important step to finding out if a goldfish is ready to lay eggs, is to first ...

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Curiosity about how to tell if your goldfish is pregnant usually comes from observing that a fish has suddenly grown big or looks like it has gotten plump very ...

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Aug 4, 2008 ... I have had my 2 goldfish and 2 snails for 24 days, they are in a 10 gallon tank. ... If you haven't had them for long she could of been pregnant when you ... ( 10 gallon tank needs 100 gallon per hour filter) Your goldfish look good ...

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I need to know my fishes' gender ASAP so I can tell which is which and prevent accidental spawning/breeding. People then assume their goldfish is pregnant ...

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I believe that she may be laying eggs soon but how can I tell when she ... Okay so lets say you have all the ingredients for this and now you want to breed your goldfish. ... The first thing is you will need to is see if the male goldfish is ready to .... I never thought my algea eater could have been pregnant until I ...

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Jul 28, 2009 ... Question Tagged: Pets Goldfish Fish, Replies: 2. ... Is she pregnant? ... I have read some other questions and have found that if goldfish are pregnant, each side becomes uneven, but ... Can i still tell their sex the same way?

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Jun 3, 2009 ... A goldfish is pregnant when the abdominal cavity is swollen, after which the female goldfish lays the eggs and the male goldfish fertilizes the ...

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Dec 28, 2010 ... Either pregnant or fat this gold fish is HUGE! ... But your right, they are just plump and fat from select breeding lol .... goldfish is getting fatter...fatter than the 3 other goldshit..and it is swimming upside down..like you can tell that ...

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How do you tell if you have a pregnant goldfish and what do you call a pregnant ... The reason your goldfish looks fat may not even be related to child birth.

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Search for the name of your species online to discover whether it is egg-bearing ( oviparous) or live-bearing ...

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Jun 28, 2012 ... You can tell when a female is laying eggs as goldfish do a cute backward butt wiggle of sorts as ... If the fish looks somewhat aggressive then most likely she's pregnant, especially if she looks fat as well. ... Add your answer.