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Bring your cat to the vet if you suspect it is blind or may be going blind. Share your concerns with the vet, including a list of the symptoms that you've noticed.


How can you tell if your cat's vision is poor? Believe it or not, ... some circumstances, the pupil of a blind eye will still constrict normally in response to the light.


If your cat has loss of vision in one or both eyes without ocular vascular injection or other apparent signs of eye inflammation, it may be suffering from Blind Quiet Eye. ... cat's health and the onset and nature of the symptoms to the veterinarian.


Sudden onset blindness in cats can be a very worrying and confusing disease. ... and it may only be when your cat is examined by a vet that you will know why ...


“Look for changes in the color of the iris, for example, or see if the eye seems to be ... "We see cats that are either blind or going blind several times a week," says  ...


Blindness is the result of loss of vision in both eyes. Cats may be born blind or it may occur as a result of disease, trauma, dietary deficiency due or certain ...


Oct 10, 2013 ... 3 Ways to Test If Your Cat Can See. “Doctor, how would I know if my cat went blind?” asked a VirtuaVet Reader in October 2013. Dear Reader,.


Your sweet cat can't talk to you, so she can't exactly tell you she's having problems seeing. ... If your cat vocalizes persistently or seems disoriented, these can be signs that her vision is .... What Are the Causes of Blindness in Cats Late in Life?


Jul 6, 2014 ... I've taken care of blind cats before and know that they do a lot of the “see by scent ” actions, and though I know she can see, she does seem to ...


If your cat is bumping into objects, has cloudy eyes or is no longer interested in playing, you can test her vision to see if blindness or other problems are to blame  ...