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How to Tell if Your Goldfish Is a Male or Female: 10 Steps


How to Tell if Your Goldfish Is a Male or Female. Many people are interested in finding out the gender of their goldfish. You might want to know for breeding ...

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Apr 27, 2014 ... Hi this is her friend and I do not like these comments that have been put, I think that they are very imature and very inappropriate. All this girl ...
www.ask.com/youtube?q=How Can You Tell If a Fish Is a Boy or a Girl?&v=C8bYr9gjVRM
Mar 16, 2013 ... How to tell if the fish is male or female. Adam Bellamy .... Im trying to see if my VERY old fish Dorthy is a boy or girl..... Read more. Show less.

Telling a Male from a Female Fish - PetPlace.com


Jun 26, 2015 ... In some cases determining the sex of your pet fish is an easy thing to determine and in other cases it is quite difficult, if not impossible. ... also be an excellent resource for providing tips on how to tell a male from a female fish.

How Do I Know If My Fish Is A Boy Or A Girl? | My Aquarium Club


Jul 9, 2011 ... My male goldfish "Big boy" has breeding stars at the moment, if you like i could post a picture. But you can just google search images of male goldfish with ...

How do I Tell the Sex of My Fish? | All Aquarium Info - Where to buy ...


Posted in: cichlid gender, fish gender, tell the gender of a fish, tetra gender ... One way to know is that female barbs are quite larger than the male ones. For tiger ...

Distinguishing Goldfish Sex - FishChannel


Goldfish can be difficult to sex, but there are differences between males and females. ... There is one problem: I cannot tell if they are a male and female pair, or if they ... emerge and this makes it much easier to separate the boys from the girls.

How to Tell if a Glowlight Tetra Is a Boy or a Girl | Animals - mom.me


Knowing how to tell if your fish are boys or girls makes it easier to give them gender-specific names -- because Flounder and Dory just don't cut it. Male and ...

How to Know if a Koi Fish Is Male or Female | Animals - mom.me


But a few visible physical differences exist between male and female koi fish. Unless you are breeding koi fish, you probably need to know the sex only in order ...

How can you tell if your goldfish is a boy or girl? - Wikianswers - Wikia


Midline ridge: male goldfish have a ridge running through the back of pelvic fins to their vent opening on the underside. The ridge is either completely missing or ...

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Goldfish Gender Identification - Pets


If you're planning to breed goldfish, you need to know their genders. ... During the breeding season, male goldfish have breeding tubercles on the covers of their ...

What Is The Secret to Determining The Gender of Your Goldfish?


How can you tell whether your Goldfish is male or female? You might want to know because you want to breed them, or give them the right name before Jack ...

How to Tell the Difference Between a Girl & Boy Goldfish | eHow


Goldfish make rewarding and low-maintenance pets. When keeping goldfish, it is important to know whether your fish are male or female to aid or prevent ...