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Is it possible to tell a turtle's age by its shell markings?

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How to Tell the Age of Turtles | Cuteness.com


No method exists for accurately determining the age of a turtle. Some species provide clues via the rings on their shells, but many species, such as s...

How do you determine the age of a box turtle? | Reference.com


The easiest way to determine the age of a box turtle is to look at his plastron and count the rings on it. The plastron is the ventral, or abdominal, part of the ...

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You cannot determine a Chelonian's age by the rings on the scutes. It may grow several rings in a good year when it is young and growing fast, and no rings at ...

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Unless the date of hatching is known, accurately determining the age of a wild or ... determined that the sex of desert tortoises, like that of some other turtle.

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Usually, it can be inferred from the annual rings on the scales of a turtle's shell. Similar to tree's annual rings, those on turtle attributes to the change of growth rate ...

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Learn how to determine how old a turtle is from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.

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Oct 24, 2013 ... I recently adopted a yellow-bellied slider, and the people who had her said that they had been keeping her for about 10 years, when they ...

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Turtle is a very unique pet to own. We all know that they look very classic and sophisticated. Not many people out there own them, so having them as a pet ...

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Many turtle owners are curious as to the age of their pets. There are a variety of ways to approximate a turtle's age, and it's not difficult to do. Learn more.

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According to the California Turtle and Tortoise Club, it is nearly impossible to accurately estimate the age of a tortoise or turtle, unless it was acquired from an ...

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Second, you want to know the age of a turtle. The only real way to know is to be there when the turtle is born. If the turtle is young, size can help you if you know ...