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Jan 5, 2009 ... The sex of red-eared slider turtles can be determined by looking at the length of their nails and their chest cavities. Look for long claws and ...

Pet Turtle Care : How to Determine the Sex of a Turtle - YouTube


Jul 26, 2008 ... Male turtles are easy to sex because they have long toenails and an indented shell. Learn to identify male and female turtles with tips from the ...

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Dec 28, 2013 ... Box turtles have their sex organs inside their shells, therefore it is difficult to determine the sex of a box turtle. Other secondary sex ...



Ok, first: Hold your turtle with care when determining its gender. Flipping over your turtle can hurt him (or her!). Be careful to hold your turtle with ...

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There is no tried and true method of determining the sex of hatchlings. ... methods it becomes quite easy to determine the sex of Painted turtles with a glance.

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Telling apart a Male from a Female can be pretty hard if the turtle is at a young stage, but easier as the ... Coloration in some species is also an indicator of sex.

How to Determine a Turtle's Sex | Howcast


Learn how to determine the sex of a turtle from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.

Sexing Box Turtles (PDF)


Sexing Box Turtles by William Tracy. There are [two] basic things to look for when determining the sex of a box turtle, and many other turtles for that matter.

Gender: Is my Turtle Male or Female? - Turtle Care and Sick Turtle ...


The following are not clean-cut rules, and not all work for all turtles, but using a combination of them, will usually help you determine the gender of your turtle.

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May 8, 2007 ... Best Answer: How to Tell if a Turtle Is Male or Female Whether you choose to breed your turtle or not, determining the gender of your pet can be ...

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How to Tell If a Turtle Is Male or Female: 8 Steps


Mar 18, 2015 ... However, unlike many mammals, turtles have no external genitalia. This makes determining their sex much more difficult, but...

How to Tell If a Turtle Is Male or Female - Petful


Jun 13, 2014 ... It can be hard to determine the gender of a turtle, more so than for other animals. Read these tips to find out how to tell if a turtle is a he or a she.

How to Know a Water Turtle's Gender | Animals - mom.me


Turtles are bizarre creatures, with morphology unlike any other living animals. ... The easiest way to tell the gender of a red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta) or ...

How to tell if your turtle is male or female - YouTube


Jun 12, 2014 ... This video covers some obvious physical differences between both genders and gives tips an advice on how to find out the gender of your turtle ...

Is It a Boy or a Girl? - Learn To Identify The Gender of Your Reptile ...


Determining the sex of your reptile is difficult - knowing the species and ... The location of the cloaca is also different between male and female turtles. ... They will use a special tool to probe the cloacal vent to determine if it is a male or female.