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How to Tell If a Turtle Is Male or Female: 8 Steps (with Pictures)


Mar 18, 2015 ... If you still cannot determine the gender of your turtle, you can always ask a specialist at a pet store or a fish tank store--or wherever you bought ...

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Jun 12, 2014 ... This video covers some obvious physical differences between both genders and gives tips an advice on how to find out the gender of your turtle ...

How to Tell If a Turtle Is Male or Female - Petful


Jun 13, 2014 ... It can be hard to determine the gender of a turtle, more so than for other animals. Read these tips to find out how to tell if a turtle is a he or a she.

How to Tell a Boy Red-Eared Turtle From a Girl | Animals - mom.me


For size to be a useful means of determining sex, though, you have to know turtle's approximate ages. Other factors make this a less-than-100-percent effective ...

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Dec 28, 2013 ... Box turtles have their sex organs inside their shells, therefore it is difficult to determine the sex of a box turtle. Other secondary sex ...

What Sex is Your Box Turtle? - Box Turtle World


It's not always easy to tell the sex of box turtles, and most of the time it doesn't matter, either. Here are a few characteristics to help you figure it out.

How to Tell the Sex of a Baby Turtle | Cuteness.com


How to Tell the Sex of a Baby Turtle. By Jaimie Zinski. A new pet owner purchasing a baby turtle at the pet store generally remembers to grab all the essentials ...

Differentiating Male and Female Chrysemys picta (Painted Turtle ...


There is no tried and true method of determining the sex of hatchlings. ... methods it becomes quite easy to determine the sex of Painted turtles with a glance.

Redearslider.com :: Determining Sex


Jan 28, 2011 ... How to Determine the Sex of a Slider. Glossary Sitemap. Is my turtle a ... determine their gender and you cannot easily distinguish the sex of a ...

How to Tell a Boy Turtle Apart From a Girl Turtle | Cuteness.com


On land, turtles are legendary slowpokes but over time, they're living proof that, ... When trying to determine the gender of this species, look to the head and ...

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Is It a Boy or a Girl? - Learn To Identify The Gender of Your Reptile ...


If you want to know the sex because you're thinking of breeding your reptile, ... The location of the cloaca is also different between male and female turtles.

How to Know a Water Turtle's Gender | Animals - mom.me


Turtles are bizarre creatures, with morphology unlike any other living animals. With most of a turtle's anatomy hidden betwixt its shell, discerning one's gender is  ...

How can you tell the sex of a turtle? | Reference.com


Physical characteristics in mature box turtles that may indicate gender are the shape of the bottom of the shell, the thickness of the tail, the length of the claws, ...