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A borrow ditch, is a roadside channel dug for drainage purposes. Typically, the dirt is "borrowed" from the ditch, and used to crown the road. It is a variation of a ...


Feb 4, 2012 ... It has been explained to me that the name refers to the fact that the dirt that makes ... I have been unimpressed by this explanation for forty-five or fifty years now. ... Bar ditch. Dig it. Dear Word Detective: I've lived most of my life in the ... There's nothing like seeing one of the local honor students futzing with ...


Bar ditch definition, barrow pit. See more. ... Also called bar pit, bar ditch. ... apparently in reference to the mound of earth dug from the pit (see barrow2); variants with bar perhaps from regional pronunciation of barrow ... What mistaken pronunciation gave this character its name? ... How Do I Get a Word into the Dictionary?


These are the drainage ditches that run alongside rural roads. ... maybe Americans put their survey bars in ditches when shooting in sites, but this strikes me as unlikely. I realize this is kind of obscure, but does anyone have any ideas as to ... have been named after the parallel rockers of the rocking-horse.


The term barrow pit may derive from barrow-ditch or barrow-dick, cited ... Even older is this instance by a Canadian railway foreman named Thomas McKenzie in 1854: ... be related to the bar to passage that pit presents to wheeled traffic. ... I get the impression that Metcalf was unaware of Avis's investigative ...


In the rural Southeast, roadside ditches – known as “bar ditches” – carry on for miles. They're full of water and full of life, these narrow wetlands. Herons stalk the  ...


bar ditch n [Pronc var of borrow ditch n; cf bar pit n] ... 1973 Allen LAUM 1.272 Upper MW (as of c1950), Several infs. have the variant bar pit or bar ditch.


Apr 21, 2016 ... Sober is the new drunk: why millennials are ditching bar crawls for ... participants swap alcoholic shots for juice shots with names like 'Dr ... In addition to juice crawls, there are now sober day raves, alcohol-free bars, boozeless dinner ... that even if you have a great degree, that does not guarantee you a job ...


Cf borrow ditch n, bar ditch n, bar pit n .... One inf. in North Dakota uses borrow itself as the name perhaps through confusion with burrow. Several infs. have the variant bar pit or bar ditch. 1976 Ogden ... 1977 Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell MT) 18 Feb sec A 3/5, The vehicle went into the barrow pit and flipped over onto its top.