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Jack /ˈdʒæk/ is a male given name, although in some cases it can be used as a female given ... In 1994, "Jack" was the most popular name in London but does not appear among ...

How do we get “Jack” from “John”…And 9 other nicknames explained


Here's one theory it suggests for the origin of “Jack”: Normans ... So little John became Jenkin and time turned that into Jakin, which ultimately became Jack.

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Dec 19, 2008 ... When Hollywood wanted a name for a sassy, wacky pirate, what did it go for? ... Watching with wonder this rapid rise from nickname for John to ...

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The etymology and history of first names. ... Derived from Jackin (earlier Jankin), a medieval diminutive of JOHN. ... It was frequently used in fairy tales and nursery rhymes, such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Little Jack Horner', and 'Jack Sprat'.

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Jan 14, 2011 ... Why is Robert called Bob and John called Jack sometimes? What is the ... Nobody sent it to him and he did not send it back. ... Richard becoming Dick and Charles becoming Chuck is something that always confounds me.

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Answer Because Jack is the nickname for John; i.e. Jack Kennedy. ... While Jack does come from Jakin, or Jakken from the German, but I don't believe it is a ...

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A: Jack is a common nickname for John and it is what his family called him when he was growing up. ... Q: When did the house become a National Historic Site?

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Thus, John became Jankin or Jenkin, which eventually became shortened to Jakin, which in turn became Jack. Many of these names today survive in surname  ...

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Dick & Bob. Can anyone explain why the short forms or the nicknames for Robert and Richard are Bob and Dick? ... it to Jack? How did Margaret become Peggy ( or Daisy)? .... But, I still can't make the walk from John to Jack...anyone? Bueller?

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Feb 1, 2012 ... The Reason General John Pershing Was Called “Black Jack” ... he got the nickname of “N—– Jack,” which was softened to “Black Jack,” probably as his rank rose. ... cavalry did poorly in the trenches of Belgium and France) in the AEF. ... were becoming a military legend that eclipsed the accomplishments ...

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May 17, 2011 ... There are two main theories: 1: In Medieval Germany, the Biblical name "John" ... What were John Wayne's nicknames and how did he get them? What are some nicknames for nicknames? Where does the nickname 'Butch' ...

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I have to say that Jack being used as a nickname for John is completely counterintuitive ... While I admit that Jack is becoming very common in the younger age group (there are two .... This did not need explaining in the film, it was understood.

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My husband and I both like Jack, but he dislikes the name James and I don't like Jackson. ... It was traditionally a nickname for John. .... Jack has become a standalone name, without the need to be a nickname for James, John ...