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John Lennon was shot to death at the age of 40 on December 8, 1980
As half of The Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were one of the most successful songwriting teams of the 20th century. Together they wrote dozens of hit tunes, ranging from "Help!" and "Ticket to Ride" to "Penny Lane"... More>>


John Lennon was an English musician who gained worldwide fame as one of the members of .... The surgeon also noted—as did other witnesses—that, at the moment Lennon was pronounced dead, a Beatles song ("All My Loving") came over ...


Mark David Chapman (born May 10, 1955) is an American murderer who killed John Lennon in .... Chapman said that he does not recall saying anything and that Lennon did not turn around. Chapman ... He told police that he had used hollow-point bullets "because they are more deadly" and "to ensure Lennon's death".


Dec 8, 2011 ... The Beatles' musician John Lennon was shot and killed outside of his New York ... Twenty years after Lennon's death, Barbara Walters revisited her 1992 ... When Barbara Walters asked why he did it, Chapman replied with a ...


Dec 8, 2016 ... Dec. 8, 1980: Lennon was shot and killed outside his New York City apartment building.


Dec 8, 2016 ... This is what happened the day John Lennon died. Katie Baillie for ... John did not die instantly. Some reports claim he then attempted to climb ...


According to Chapman, the book 'John Lennon: One Day at a Time', by ... Not only did Chapman get to shake hands with Lennon's five-year-old son, Sean, but in ... Within minutes of the news announcements of John Lennon's death, crowds  ...


Dec 8, 2015 ... John Lennon's life was tragically cut short by four bullets from an assassin's gun on Dec. 8, 1980. In these days of instant gratification, instant ...


Dec 8, 2015 ... With his death on December 8, 1980, vanished any hope that The Beatles .... HOW DID MARK DAVID CHAPMAN MURDER JOHN LENNON?


Dec 8, 2015 ... Tuesday marks 35 years since the death of John Lennon; His killer, Mark ...... Gloria Chapman said she did not alert authorities because Mark ...