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Puritan clothing reflected the religious view that people should avoid material excess in order to focus more on internal beauty and righteousness. Because of ...

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The Puritans' emphasis on moderation arose from strong religious beliefs ... Puritans did not entirely give up on stylish garb; a portrait of Massachusetts Bay ...

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In the 16th and 17th Centuries, Puritans believed in "purifying" the Church of England from its Roman Catholic ancestry. Puritans had strict beliefs about the way ...

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The Puritan. Beliefs. Henry VIII. King Henry VIII as a result of the reformation, declared ... The Church of England set out to break away from the Catholic Church and ... While they did dress in their social classes and drank alcoholic beverages, ...

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The main goal of Puritans was to "purify", or simplify, the the Church of England. The Church of England, though Protestant, had kept the Catholic traditions of ...

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Do you need research ideas for Puritan life in the colonies? The Puritan's daily ... Their lives focused on religion and following God's plan -- attending church was mandatory. Puritans focused on ... Where Did the Puritans Come From? 479px- John ... Puritan Clothing ... We Proudly Support These Educational Associations.

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This does not apply to the poorer people they accused though, so it is less .... The Puritan religion states that there are two parts to a soul, the “immortal” ... They wash and iron the family's clothes, weed the garden, carry water, and make clothing. ... Salem—the Puritans feel as though these holidays come from pagan ideas ...

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Colonial Clothing reflected the beliefs and religion of the early colonists - the Puritans. The Puritans wanted the Church of England to become pure by getting rid ...

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Even the dark, somber Puritan dress was dictated by the church. ... misfortune, such as a sick child or a failed crop, Puritans saw it as God's will and did not help.

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This list reflects Puritan views on women quite clearly. ... Puritans did not all dress in black as many believe. ... from Washington State University explores Puritanism in New England and the religious covenants that mandated life in the colony.