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The history of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict began with the establishment of the state of Israel ...... Hamas also stated clearly that it did not recognize Israel's right to exist and did not accept the Oslo peace process nor any other peace process ...


Nov 13, 2016 ... An overview of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians from 1948 ... Some Jews remained in the area, but large numbers of Jews did not return ... that war (see Arab-Israeli Wars), and the Palestinian diaspora began, ...


Communal violence between Jews and Arabs in British Palestine began ... Max Fisher, MA "9 Questions about the Israel-Palestine Conflict You Were ..... although individual Arab states did agree to meet with representatives from UNSCOP…


May 1, 2017 ... A guide to the world's most controversial conflict, from the very basics right up to what's happening today. ... from the very basics right up to what's happening today. Start ... 14. How does the world feel about Israel/Palestine?


The history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has a convenient elasticity; it changes dramatically depending on who is telling it and where they start the story . Therefore, it is .... Though they overextended their forces and did not succeed in.


They did not see the need for a Jewish state in Palestine and did not want to ..... The Israelis now allege that the Palestine war began with the entry of the Arab ...

Jan 20, 2016 ... The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history .... before the UK decided to divide them like they did with every other country in the world. .... Don't start wars with people then demand to be given everything after you lost it.


Feb 20, 2015 ... A short guide to the conflict in Gaza between Israel and the Palestinians.


Jan 8, 2009 ... Israeli War of 1947-1948, Palestine was divided into the areas you see ... began migrating to the area in the 1880s, say their claim to the land is ...


The Arab-Israeli War of 1948 broke out when five Arab nations invaded ... Fighting began with attacks by irregular bands of Palestinian Arabs attached ... Israel and the Arab states did not reach any formal armistice agreements until February.