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An earthquake is the shaking of the ground caused by an abrupt shift of rock along a fracture in the Earth, called a fault.



Most fault surfaces do have such asperities and this leads to a form of stick-slip behaviour. Once the fault has locked, continued relative motion between the ...

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Sep 5, 2012 ... This is a social science video that answers - What is earthquake? ... How does Earthquake occur with explanation - Social Science 3D ...

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Just like a giant, spherical puzzle, the outer layer of the Earth's crust is made up of many pieces, known as tectonic plates (see picture below). Earthquakes ...

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Earthquakes occur when two blocks of earth suddenly slip past each other. This sudden release of energy causes the seismic waves that make the ground ...

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Earthquakes happen deep underground along tectonic plate boundaries. ... that the plates keep moving even though the part stuck along the fault does not, ...

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Earthquakes happen when the boundaries of the Earth's tectonic plates bump and slide past one another; sometimes, they get stuck on jagged edges and cause ...

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More than a million earthquakes rattle the world each year. The West Coast is most at risk of having an earthquake, but earthquakes can happen in the Midwest  ...

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Where do Earthquakes Occur? ... Fortunately, smaller earthquakes occur much more frequently than large ones and most cause little or no damage. Earthquake  ...

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Earthquakes are the phenomena experienced during sudden movements of the Earth's crust. Under the Earth's crust lies the asthenosphere, the upper part of ...

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Earthquakes are usually caused when rock underground suddenly breaks along a ... Sometimes seismic waves occur when the roof or walls of a mine collapse.

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Jul 18, 2012 ... What causes earthquakes and where do they happen? ... from the fault in all directions in the form of seismic waves like ripples on a pond.

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How do earthquakes form? Let us imagine what goes on in the outer crust with the help of this diagram. earth crust earthquake formation Earthquakes develop in ...

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Mar 20, 2015 ... An earthquake is ground shaking caused by a sudden movement of rock in the earth's crust. ... What are earthquakes and why do they occur?

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Dec 5, 2010 ... The two main answers to 'how earthquakes happen' is: as a result of tectonic plates colliding and ... How Long Does it Take to Get to Mars?