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The geometry of the boulder and canyon wall held my arm similar to a 2"x4" board in a table vice. To break the bones then, I bent my arm upward, concentrating ...

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Once in a while, a bone is put under more stress than it can handle. When that happens, it breaks. A broken bone is called a fracture by doctors. There are three  ...

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Nov 7, 2008 ... Breaking bones can be fun if done in a positive and safe environment... If you break your own bones, you are the one responsible, not us, do not blame us, th... ... HOW I BROKE MY TOE! - Duration: 6:53. PsychoSoprano ...
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Oct 21, 2013 ... What is the easiest way to break your own foot? ... you could break a bone in the foot while still being able to use it. ... I BROKE MY ANKLE?
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Feb 6, 2011 ... HOW TO BREAK YOUR OWN FOOT IN 2 MINS .... The FULL Story of My Broken Ankle (VIDEOS + PHOTOS | DormRoomDivas - Duration: ...
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Oct 27, 2013 ... How to break your own wrist (it hurts). Richard Archer ... Why is my wrist ALWAYS broken? ... How to break your wrist in 3 different ways!

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Your bones are tough stuff — but even tough stuff can break. Like a wooden pencil, bones will bend under strain. But if the pressure is too much, or too sudden, ...

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Jul 8, 2014 ... In the US, 6.8 million people break a bone each year, and in Sweden ... because, having broken my foot, I have absolutely nothing better to do. ... your new sticks with stencils, charms, stickers, and/or flecks of your own blood.

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This can cause you to damage or break other bones, including your spine and/or ... “I've had this pain in my arm for a few days and it's only getting worse.

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In case of an accident, these bones might fracture or break into two or more pieces. Once a bone breaks and it is exposed to the surface, this can be referred to ...

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How to Break Your Wrist: 5 Possible Ways to Do That on Purpose ...


However, there are many painful ways in which you can break your own wrist. ... The most common cause of a broken wrist is when the radius bone breaks from ...

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That's why the small thin bones of my hand can break the relatively large ... it was the Radius or the Ulna but one was broken thru his own effort.

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Jan 21, 2013 ... There is also a site called "How To Break Your Bones!" ..... I later broke my own wrist in a riding accident and was sick thinking about what was ...