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It's called a 3rd Party check. I was a bank teller in college and I can tell you that generally banks frown upon this (this was 10+ years ago). Today it ...

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Under certain circumstances, you can cash a check made out to someone else. The most common method used to cash a check made out to someone else is to  ...

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You have a check that is made out to you — “Pay to the order of Your Name”, and you want to use it to pay someone else — without cashing or depositing the ...

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Feb 4, 2016 ... How to Endorse Your Check So Someone Else May Cash It. A check ... By endorsing the back of the check with your name as it appears on the ...

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Jan 20, 2016 ... Sign a check over to somebody else if you want to pay them or have them ... Then , pass the check on to that person so they can deposit or cash it. ... the check - you don't want to add extra signatures and names to the back ...



The person who cashed the check never forged my name, they just ... They will not allow some one to deposit a check with someone elses ...

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A third-party transaction is one way to deposit a check written to someone else. ... deposit a check into your own account if the check is made out to someone else. ... of the check the payee signs, then writes "pay to the order of" and the name of ...

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Jun 5, 2014 ... Only the person to whom the check is written can cash the check. ... Parent's name (specify if guardian or POA; printed) ... someone else deposit or cash the check on their behalf, the check will need to be endorsed as follows:

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Jun 21, 2016 ... Cheque Cash Bank Account Paying In A ... Can he endorse it to my name and could I put it in my account? ... not hand over a cheque, made payable to themselves, to someone else for them to pay into their own bank account.

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My brother in law was paid in North Carolina for work. He lives in GA. The check was kept by a former coworker and deposited in Oklahoma.

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Jan 17, 2012 ... I have a check for $95 it's valid because it has the signatures on it. It's written out to one of my friends and he gave it to me for helping him move.

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Write "For Deposit Only" on the top endorsement line. ... if you lose the check or need to have someone else deposit it for you, ... Include your bank's name and your account number.

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(Obviously, forging someone else's signature would be fraud.) Footnotes ... More Answers Below. Can I cash a check with someone else's name on it in the US?