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A Psychologist Explains How to Get Better at Expressing Your ...


Nov 18, 2015 ... If I know that, I'm then able to better manage my emotions and express my feelings in a way that will send a good accurate message and my ...

How to Express Feelings... and How Not to | Psychology Today


May 23, 2013 ... Knowing how to express feelings tactfully therefore is vital if you want to feel ... other person, giving you the power to figure out what to do to feel better. ... Maybe I need to expand my ways to enjoy evenings on my own instead ...

How to Express Your Feelings (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Nov 18, 2015 ... However, hiding your own feelings can lead to anxiety, depression, ... What would help me to express my feelings before I do something stupid ...

How to Express Difficult Feelings


Dec 23, 2010 ... If we only express our beliefs about the event and not the feelings, the bad ... "I lose my concentration when you come in to ask a question, and I ...

5 Steps Toward Effectively Communicating Your Feelings ...


Feb 19, 2014 ... Better, though, might be just to sit down with yourself to think. ... And it wasn't because I didn't think that my feelings were worthy and valid, and it ... designed to help you sort out how to recognize and express your feelings, but ...

Learn How to Identify and Express your Feelings | - Cognitive Healing


Jun 21, 2012 ... Once you learn how to express them, you will feel better. ... are feeling, and then ask the following questions: where is this feeling in my body?

How To Express Yourself: The 18 Best & Creative Ways


Jan 21, 2014 ... Here are some of my favourite words that I like to use to express myself. ... For more 'feeling words' to express yourself, read our article “36 Feeling ... into perspective helping you to better understand and express yourself.

Challenge Three: How to Express Yourself More Clearly & Completely


How to express yourself using a wide range of "I-statements" rather than ... if you express more of what you are seeing and hearing, feeling, interpreting, wanting, and ... the more we need to both understand our own experience better and help our ... Note: My deep appreciation goes to the work of Marshall Rosenberg for ....

4 Steps to Address How You Really Feel - Tiny Buddha


When something is upsetting us, all we want is to feel better as soon as possible. But I've ... I shoved my feelings away and never opened myself up to talk about anything. ... I was very closed off and refused to show or express any emotion.

10 Reasons You Can't Say How You Feel | Psych Central


Here are ten common reasons why people find it difficult to express their emotions to someone else. 1. Conflict Phobia. You are afraid of angry feelings or  ...