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Aug 16, 2011 ... Back in the day, I used to have hundreds of girlfriends giving me head, and I still do. I noticed that some of my friends had much worse sex lives ...


Aug 25, 2014 ... My Wife Used To Go Down On Me a Lot, and Now, Nothing ... I know you miss oral sex but do you also miss her WANTING to give you oral sex, i.e. do you miss her ... If she likes head pushing though, keep on keeping on.


Today, my girlfriend fell asleep while giving me head. FML.


Recently my girlfriend gave me a blowjob. ... to each area.yes her giving u head with a what looks like mainly healed sore can give u herpes.


me and my girlfriend have been daten for 7 months. when we first started daten she gave me head no now she dont I don't know why btshe sed she don't like ...


I call BS. If she didn't know if she wanted to do it, she would try, and then make up her mind. She doesn't want to, and is either lying to herself, to you ...


Nov 29, 2013 ... ... where there's always that one girl who proclaims, “I don't give head. ... Maybe it's my fussy upbringing, but for me, even at the best of times, ...

Nov 17, 2011 ... ... why so many women hate giving head and how to turn her into a girl ... man the fuck up. my wife is a 2 time national judo champion in Cuba ... I realize I ought to be pleased for him nevertheless I would prefer if it was me.
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Mar 13, 2017 ... I go down on my girlfriend, as she can't climax during intercourse. ... I'm not asking her to swallow, just to give me head so I can lay back and ...