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Find tools to customize your MySpace profile at sites like Webfetti.com. Or get premade layouts: as easy to use as cutting and pasting text. Profile generation tools change your background image and page colors.

MySpace codes: Myspace Profile hide codes - Joombly


Myspace: MySpace codes to hide or modify your Myspace profile. ... Use this code to hide comments in Myspace. Codes for MySpace in Spanish. Hide Myspace ...

Hide only your comments - MySpace Tweaks


Place this code as follows to hide only your comments.

Hide Friends and Comments Tables - Myspace Layouts


This code will hide your Myspace friends and comments sections. Paste the code below into your "About Me" section: <style type="text/css"> .friendSpace ...

How to Stay Safe Using MySpace Settings - For Dummies


Changing a few settings on your MySpace profile can add a level of ... allows you to approve any comment your friend leaves for your profile page before it's posted. ... Hide your online status: MySpace lets other users know when you're on the ...

Crash Codes » Codes


Hide interest table headings without space left · Hide text next to ... Make your Myspace private · Make two color ... Put friend section and comments in a scrollbox

Lissa Explains it All -- MySpace Tutorial


How do I change the background color of my MySpace? .... To hide your MySpace comments, simply paste the following code into the bottom of your "who I'd ...

How to View a Myspace page with hidden comments and friends ...


Jun 3, 2010 ... So what happens if you want to try and view hidden comments and friends on ... How to Hide your comments on MySpace How to Hide your ...

How to Hide Your Online Status on MySpace: 4 Steps


Do you want to hide your Online Now status on Myspace, for any reason at all? ... and it also shows if you have new messages, friend requests, comments, and ...

How can I hide the words "About Me", and "Who Id Like to Meet" on ...


You can Remove the words "About Me", "Who I'd Like to Meet", "Frieds space", and "Friends Comments" on your MySpace profile. To do so, follow this instruct.

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Hide Comments on Myspace


Hide Comments, Delete Comments, Remove Comments, Move Comments, Get rid of Comments, On ... These codes will hide your comments on your myspace

Hide Friends on Myspace


These codes will hide your friends (and only them) on your myspace profile. ... These codes will hide the add comment link on your myspace profile. Stop people ...

Hide Interests on Myspace


Hide Interests, Remove Your Interests, Get Rid Of the Interests Section, On Myspace. ... These codes will hide your comments on your myspace profile.

How do i hide myspace comments? | Yahoo Answers


Jul 22, 2007 ... Hide Comments Hide your comments with this code. Very easy to implement, just copy/paste the code into the "Who I'd Like To Meet" section at ...

Hide Blogs on Myspace


Hide Blogs, Delete Blogs, Get Rid of Blogs, Remove Blogs, On Myspace. ... These codes will hide your blogs on your myspace profile. Codes for both myspace ...