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Hide Details, Remove Your Details, Get Rid Of the Details Section, On Myspace.


Hide Blogs, Delete Blogs, Get Rid of Blogs, Remove Blogs, On Myspace. ... Hide Blogs. These codes will hide your blogs on your myspace profile. Codes for ...


Hide Contact Box, Remove Contact Box, Get Rid Of Contact Box, Delete Contact ... These codes will your contact box on your myspace profile. Codes for both ...


Hide Friends, Delete Friends, Move Friends, Get Rid of Friend Box, On Myspace. ... These codes will hide your friends (and only them) on your myspace profile.


Hide Certain Text. These codes will help hide different text on your myspace 1.0 profile. You can remove titles such as your display name, number of comments, ...


Hide About Me. These codes will hide the about me section on your myspace 1.0, or myspace 2.0 profile. The who I'd like to meet section will also be hidden on ...


Log in to your Myspace account. ... your profile and have access to your details.


How do I hide the DETAILS box in Myspace 1.0? ... To hide the entire Details box on Myspace 1.0 profiles, put the following code into your About Me section:.


How do I hide my Last Login, Online Now Icon and Age, Sex, Location in ... your headline text in the headline box in the EDIT PROFILE section of Myspace 1.0:.


Are you having trouble with your Myspace profile? Read the FAQ ... Hide LATEST BLOG ENTRY header in Myspace 1.0 ... Hide DETAILS box in Myspace 1.0.