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MySpace is just over there to your left, and Facebook is down the street and to ... [ hide]. 1 It's supposed to be an encyclopedia article, not a web page; 2 It's not ... Your user page itself can contain a brief description about you, your interests, etc.


Hide Interests, Remove Your Interests, Get Rid Of the Interests Section, On Myspace.


Hide Certain Text On Myspace, Delete Different Text On Myspace, Remove Certain Text On ... These codes will help hide different text on your ... Hide the words: Contacting Display Name, Display Name's Interests, Display Name's Details.


Hide Contact Box, Remove Contact Box, Get Rid Of Contact Box, Delete Contact Box, On Myspace. ... These codes will your contact box on your myspace profile ...


To hide all the left text (General, Music, Movies, Television, Books, Hereos) in the Interests Box, put the following code into your About me Section in Myspace ...


Hide Blogs, Delete Blogs, Get Rid of Blogs, Remove Blogs, On Myspace. ... Hide Blogs. These codes will hide your blogs on your myspace profile. Codes for ...


To hide the Interests Header (just the text that says, "INTERESTS") at the top of the Interests box on Myspace 1.0 profiles, put the following code into your About ...


Jul 22, 2008 ... Hides the blue background & everything else in the interest table except text & pictures. In comments ... i want to make it hide the words but keep the text or image but i used ... but is there a way i can make my details visible?


Hide Stuff on Your Myspace ... Hide All 'View My' Links (Pics, Videos, Playlist) New! Hide Profile Sections ... Hide Section Headings (About Me, Interests, etc)


Three Methods:Hiding Details on MySpace Version 1.0HIding Details on MySpace Versions 2.0 and 3.0Change your Privacy Settings to Hide MySpace ...