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I have tried "everything" over the years to keep ants out of my hummingbird feeders without success, but have finally solved this problem. As usual as soon as ...

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Sep 30, 2012 ... ... on a local garden show about keeping ants out of your hummingbird feeders, I will try this next year and so I don't forget, I will do one of my...

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How to keep hummingbird feeder ants away, Guaranteed! 7 ways to solve the ... It's there to protect my hummingbirds and their sweet nectar. You simply hang ...

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Jul 18, 2005 ... I spray off the ants with water a few times per day, but then they are back, ..... I solved my ant problem by hanging my feeder using a length of 20 pound ..... way keeping the ants away from the hummingbird feeders for good.

Keeping Ants Out Of Hummingbird Feeder


May 1, 2010 ... Learn how to keep ants out of your hummingbird feeder, keep bees and ... You my have seen the little yellow, plastic, mesh guards that fit over ...

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How to Keep Ants Off Hummingbird Feeders. Do you have a problem with ants and other insects getting into your hummingbird feeders? Would you be interested ... My husband has used vaseline for years, it really works. I enjoy your articles.

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Hummingbird Feeder


Here are tips for keeping ants, wasps & bees out of hummingbird feeders, including reviews of the best products - moats, traps, guards and how to DIY.

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Aug 17, 2014 ... I have a hummingbird feeder hanging from the side of my carport, and I noticed today that ants had discovered it. Since it's right next to my ...

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Hummingbirds: When you put out sugar water for hummingbirds, you'll also attract ... move the plate a foot or two further away from the hummingbird feeder and ...

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Simple steps about keeping ants out of the hummingbird feeder. The sweet nectar in hummingbird feeder attracts ants as ants also love the sweet nectar and .

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I discovered a great way to keep the ants away from my hummingbird feeder ~ rubbed Vick's VapoRub at base of swing arm hook my feeder hangs on.

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Bug-infested feeders typically feature plenty of dead ant bodies floating in the sweet liquid, which is a nasty mess and a hummingbird turn-off. Keep the ants out  ...