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Cat Care. Do you have a feline companion? We've got you covered. ... and behaviorists offer up tips, solutions and answers to some of your most frequently asked feline questions to keep your kitty happy and healthy. ... Cats and Babies.

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Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors. For cats, the great outdoors are anything but great. Whether they live in the city, in the suburbs, or in the country, outdoor cats ...

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My cats eventually got the idea that they're not going to be outside ... suggestions have to do with consistency - keep the cat indoors at all times, ...

Best method to keep your cat from wanting to go outside? | Chicago ...


Dec 4, 2010 ... One of my cats was a stray for quite a while before he was found and put up for adoption. He definitely is still interested in going outside, so I ...

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Dec 9, 2013 ... “Many of the reservations people have about keeping cats indoors may stem from the mistaken notions about the nature of cats,” she says.

How do I keep my Indoor Only Cat from running outside EVERY time ...


Jun 20, 2008 ... How do I keep my Indoor Only Cat from running outside EVERY time ... If she even looks like she going to try to bolt out, give her a quick spritz ...

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Check out the six most common reasons people let their cats outside, and safer, ... Keep him distracted with the activities mentioned above — the feeder toy ... Read our article Transitioning an Outdoor Cat to Indoors for tips on how to do both.

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Cats who stay indoors have longer lifespans than those who are left to roam outdoors. Learn more about why we encourage cats to be kept as indoor pets.

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Read this cat behavior cat escape article by cats. ... Learn 8 tips to stop door dashing cats in this cat behavior article how to ... How to Grow Veggies Indoors.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Cat From Escaping | PetSafe® Articles


Your cat should associate that door with going outside and stop darting for any open door. My cat Skittles had an in-ground fence in the backyard. She would go  ...

Cat Behavior | Door Darting : What to Do? - Cat Behavior Associates


May 31, 2012 ... For a kitty who lives indoors exclusively, escaping through the door to the outside can result ... Some cats are very obvious and insistent about their plan to bolt out the door. ... First, stop giving your cat any attention at the door.

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It's a myth that going outside is a requirement for feline happiness. Playing ... 10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors ... Pledge to keep cats and wildlife safe » ...

How to keep your cat indoors and prevent the escape


Oct 23, 2014 ... Keeping your cat indoors may seem an impossible task if you are ... Cats are born to hunt and they have a large amount of energy available.

How to prevent your indoor cat from running out the door


Oct 2, 2012 ... Tips to help you keep your indoor cats safely inside. ... She went outside and walked all around her large property, shaking a treat bag, .... I have a sign that I put in my front door to always close the door when going in and out.