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Rabbit Repellent: Natural Options in the Garden | Gardeners.com


The challenge with rabbits is to simply keep them from eating the things you don't ... three primary strategies for keeping rabbits from eating your favorite plants: ...

How to Stop Rabbits from Eating Your Plants - HouseLogic


How to stop rabbits from eating your plants: Try this novel way to keep rabbits from treating your garden as their private salad bar.

help rabbits eating my plants! - GardenWeb


May 22, 2002 ... I am faced again with rabbits eating my flowers, any suggestions on ... information about the rabbits and keeping them out of my plants but need ...

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden - HGTV Gardens


Rabbits: How to Identify and Eliminate Pests in the Garden | The Old ...


It's best to keep rabbits from crossing into the garden to begin with, and many old- time remedies rely .... Now rabbits, cats and deer stay away from my plants and things are now finally growing ..... They eat my tomato leaves and the fruit as well.

Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden | ThriftyFun


Typically, I only seem to have trouble with my tomato plants, not my lettuce, ... How do we keep the rabbits from eating the bulbs I plant for next year's growth?

If Plants Could Talk: Keeping Rabbits Away from Desirable Plants in ...


Apr 26, 2007 ... Question: How do I keep rabbits out of my vegetable and flower garden ? ... their favorite plants in your landscape for an all you can eat buffet.

Garden Rabbit Control and Deterrent Tips - Gardening - About.com


Tips for rabbit control in the garden, rabbit deterrents and plants rabbits will/won't eat. ... Plants -Common marigolds have been a good deterrent, in my garden. ... to keep the rabbits at bay, I've recently read that some rabbits eat marigolds.

Rabbits are Eating my Spring Tulips! - Bobbex


Mar 12, 2013 ... Rabbits are Eating my Spring Tulips! Posted by ... Include plants that rabbits do not like in your garden. Lavender ... Spraying rabbit repellents that include garlic and capsaicin will repel rabbits with their strong odor. Treating ...

You Bet Your Garden - Squirrels? Rabbits? What's eating my Plants?!


I don't know if it's the squirrels or rabbits eating them. ... The only kind of fencing that can keep squirrels out is the 'cage' design—including a roof made of ...

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How Do I Keep Rabbits from Eating My Plants?


Rabbits are eating my perennials as soon as the plants come up. How can I keep rabbits away?

Keeping Rabbits Out of the Garden - Bonnie Plants


Discover effective ways for keeping rabbits out of the garden. Also find out how ... This clip is filled with it, so it may help save this young plant from being eaten.

Ways to Keep Rabbits From Eating Garden Plants - Horticulture


Apr 15, 2014 ... Rabbits were a big problem for me last year. Any tips on stopping them from eating my entire garden? Answer: Rabbits, with their twitching ...