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Lost Tampon: Symptoms of a lost tampon and how to remove


Occasionally a woman will insert a tampon and either forget it is there or insert ... If you are not sure if you have left a tampon inside of you, you can do your own ...

Tampon Stuck Inside The Vagina? Get these smart tips on stuck ...


lost”, it is still there within the vagina! vagina by another tampon or by ..... I really just want to know if it could be something else more serious than a lost tampon.

I may have forgotten I have a tampon in. How can I tell? I am ...


Feb 9, 2011 ... If you're unable to find the missing tampon and are still concerned, ... inside your vagina and see if you can feel the string or the tampon itself. ... so if you put your fingers in pretty far you'll be able to tell if it is there or not.

How to Remove a Stuck Tampon: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


Are you sure there is really a tampon inside you or have you just forgotten you took it out? If .... What do I do if I am not sure if I have a tampon stuck? ... Grab the string and pull slowly -- if you still can't get it out, try to remove it when you're in a  ...

Retained object or tampon | healthdirect


... body) can become stuck in the vagina or you may simply forget it is there. ... You may not know or may have forgotten about an object or tampon being in your vagina. ... If you have a foreign object in your vagina, or you have lost a tampon or it ... After this, insert one finger inside your vagina and reach as far as possible  ...

The Best Time I Lost a Tampon and Found My Cervix - The Hairpin


Nov 18, 2013 ... The Best Time I Lost a Tampon and Found My Cervix ... so if you get to your cervix and don't feel a tampon, chances are there isn't one in there. ... I think there's a tampon stuck inside me so like, maybe I'm technically still on it?

How do I know if I accidentally put a tampon in and forgot to take the ...


Mar 16, 2011 ... How do I know if I accidentally put a tampon in and forgot to take the old one ... When a tampon is left inside your vagina for too long, it creates a ...

Lost Tampon


Lost Tampon ... This is especially true if they are the smaller tampons. ... There is usually some degree of sideways turning and compression, otherwise the woman would notice the string when wiping. ... Again, odor, discharge, pelvic pain, and fever are the general signs. ... Then gently insert one finger inside yourself.

What if I forget to remove my tampon? - Health questions - NHS ...


Apr 1, 2016 ... If it has become difficult to remove go to your GP or sexual health clinic. ... inside of you. it's not possible for a tampon to get lost inside you and it ...

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I had a tampon shoved up in me and I have no idea for how long it was there. ... to a “lost tampon”, you will know that something is just not right down there.

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Having a tampon stuck can be very worrying, but in most cases, the lost tampon ... However, occasionally, women may find that they have “lost” a tampon inside their body. ... If you think you may be suffering for this illness, seek medical care as soon as possible. ... I know it sounds terrible but this has happened to me twice!

I'm Single Again, And I Found Out I Had A Tampon Stuck Up Me For ...


Mar 21, 2013 ... There you go. ... "Hey, would it cheer you up if I gave you the tampon stuck up my pussy for a month? ... I mean I had a tampon fucked inside me once when I was blackout drunk ... Yes, you may also know him as the Almost Boyfriend. ... but I was still pretty goddamn revolted that I had a dying tampon alien ...

Can you lose a tampon inside you? | U by Kotex


Good news, even if the string disappears you can't lose a tampon inside of you. ... happened to, and your doctor can help get it out - just don't leave it in there!