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Aug 11, 2002 ... This short article will teach you how to play a Video CD (VCD) on your computer. If you do not know what ... There are two options for playing VCDs on your computer. One is to use ... Type X:\MPEGAV. (My CDROM drive is F:).


If you have a DVD drive and a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer, you can use Windows Media Player to play a DVD-Video disc—this is the ...


What is a VCD, how to Play VCD, how to make a VCD on Mac and on Windows. ... Play video on your computer or TV (VideoHelp); Play a VCD on a DVD Player


Jan 24, 2017 ... Playing a Disc, DVD, or VCD in VLC Media Player: 1. Open VLC Media Player. 2. Click Media from the taskbar at the top of the screen, and then ...

Jul 31, 2012 ... This video shows you how to "open" or "run" a CD (Computer Disk) ... dude this is amazing i though this whole time my disk drive was busted..
Dec 29, 2008 ... Play music CDs on the computer in Microsoft Windows by using the systems media player. Learn how to play music CDs on a PC with tips from ...


This section describes a tutorial on how to play VCD with Windows Media Player. ... But it can also be played back by computer software. ... On my Windows XP system, I can use following steps to use Windows Media Player to open an audio  ...


Whether you want to transfer a video, music files, or other readable files, you can easily copy them to your PC computer without using any software other than the ...


This wikiHow teaches how to play audio CDs on Windows and Mac computers. Press the Eject ... How do I find where to insert the DVD into my computer? ... Tips . If you want to play a video DVD, see Play DVDs on Your Windows PC for Free.


Your computer can play music CDs and DVDs and, if it's powerful enough, can show films and TV programmes on disc. You can also buy new computer ...