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How to Prepare for a New Kitten - Cats - About.com


This week we'll assume you don't have your new kitten yet, but will help you set the groundwork for a safe introduction to your home. If little Fuzzface is already ...

Preparing for a New Kitten - The Daily Cat


A new kitten brings immediate joy and excitement to almost any household. But before you bring one home, get down on your hands and knees and think like a ...

Preparing for your new kitten - Vets4Pets


Oct 17, 2011 ... Before bringing your new kitten home, there are several things that they will ... Preparing your house for your new arrival is as important as ...

Must-Have Items For Your New Kitten - YouTube


Sep 1, 2010 ... In my opinion, there is nothing more fun than getting a new kitten. ... a kitten as a companion for another pet, you'll have some preparation to do ...

Adoption Tips | ASPCA


... pet into your home, and to make sure your lifestyle is the right one for your pet. Read on for tips to prepare yourself, as well as your home, for a new furry friend.

Preparing Your House for a New Kitten | Getting a New Cat - PetWave


A new little kitten will soon be arriving at your door, and a prepared home will help your kitten to quickly acclimate to its new environment. Kittens love to explore ...

New Kitten Checklist - Cat Behavior Associates


Jan 6, 2014 ... Congratulations! You've added a new kitten to the family. This is a fun and exciting time as you get to know this adorable little newcomer. This is ...

Bringing a new kitten home | AAHA


Make a visit to your veterinarian after bringing home your new kitten. ... Before you bring your kitten home, prepare a small room or space that will be her own for ...

Get Your Apartment Ready to Bring Home a Kitten | ApartmentGuide ...


Nov 26, 2012 ... Do you plan on buying a kitten? Here's what you need to know before bringing a new feline friend into your apartment!

Kitten Care Blog Archive » OdorDestroyer.com: Pet care articles


Mar 1, 2015 ... The care you provide for your kitten will affect her for the rest of her life. Preparing your home for a new kitten. Kittens will play with anything that ...

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Are you looking for tips for bringing a new kitten home? Check out these helpful tips for helping kittens adjust to a new home from Animal Planet.

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Bringing home a new cat can be both exciting and stressful - some preparation can smooth the transition. It's time to bring your new cat home – an occasion that  ...

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After a few days in your home, your cat will likely start settling into new surroundings. It's time to start thinking about long-term care and making sure you' re ...

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Dec 3, 2009 ... Therefore, it's a good idea to do some kitten proofing before bringing home a new kitten. Here's how to prepare your home for her: ...

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You have decided on the cat or kitten you want. What do you need to prepare? How do you ensure you will be a good owner? The best way to attend to your ...