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A quadratic equation is a polynomial equation to the second degree. The general form is ax^2 + bx + c = 0. Quadratic equations can be solved by factoring, graphing, completing the square or using the quadratic formula.

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Sal solves the equation s^2-2s-35=0 by factoring the expression on the left as (s+ 5)(s-7) and finding the s-values that make each factor equal to zero.

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This lesson covers many ways to solve quadratics, such as taking square roots, completing the square, and using the Quadratic Formula. But we'll start with ...

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Demonstrates the use of the Quadratic Formula and compares the ... they are the "numerical coefficients" of the quadratic equation they've given you to solve.

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How to Solve Quadratic Equations. A quadratic equation is an equation where the highest exponent of a variable is 2. There are three main ways to solve ...



The ''U'' shaped graph of a quadratic is called a parabola. A quadratic equation has two ... There are several methods you can use to solve a quadratic equation:.

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How to solve quadratic equations. We do not have to graph our quadratic equations in order to solve them, instead we could use factoring and then apply the ...

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This page will try to solve a quadratic equation by factoring it first. How does this work? Well, suppose you have a quadratic equation that can be factored, like ...

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ax <sup>2</sup> + bx + c = 0. when a 0. There are three basic methods for solving quadratic equations: factoring, using the quadratic formula, and completing the square.