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NewBorn Baby Platy Fry Minutes old - YouTube


Sep 20, 2010 ... My Mickey Mouse Platy finally gave birth on Sept 19, 2010 and here are some of her babies. They are minutes old. Most are about a 1/4" long.

Platy fish care / babies / feeding - YouTube


Sep 16, 2010 ... how to take care of platy fish and babies. ... Riffle 2 years ago. My platy is having babies so this was helpful thanks!. Read more Show less ...

All About Aquarium Fish: Platy Care and Breeding


platys Platy is a tropical freshwater fish that belongs to the same group or family ... Caring for platy fish fry can be extremely easy. .... How to Raise Baby Goldfish

Wheres My Platy Fry Gone | My Aquarium Club


anyway i woke up and her belly was small again and no platy fry. ..... look at my other question platy fry please help or tell my how to take care of them and I'll ... spaces between th tank wall and the divider big enough for a little baby, you pug it.

Information about Platys - How to keep and breed Platy Fish in ...


Information about keeping Platy Fish, Xiphophorus maculatus and variatus, ... the babies of Mollies or Swordtails, so baby Platies are a little more difficult to raise ...

How to Care for Baby Platy Fish | eHow


Although platy are a relatively easy fish to breed in captivity, the breeder still has to take care of the baby platy fish, making sure that their special requirements ...

Pregnant Platy! Help Asap! | My Aquarium Club


If you are not set up to take care of potentially hundreds of fry, I recommend the .... brine shrimp,,, i currently have over 50 platy fry and the love the baby shrimp.

In need of some help with my platy fry. My platy gave birth 2 days ago


i feed mine baby brine shrimp ,,you will have to keep them in there till there big ... glo fish in with my platys and the glo fish dont miss a single fry..so i have to take ...

How Do I Take Care Of Platy Fry Last Time My Platies Had Fry They ...


How do I take care of platy fry last time my platies had fry they all died · Ask a Question ... stores like Petco to take fish out? ... Question about baby platy fry.

What Do Baby Platy Like to Hide In? - Pets


Several types of plants make the best hiding places for baby platy, ensuring that a portion ... How Do We Take Care of Rescued Baby Kittens and Their Mother?

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How to Take Care of Baby Platy Fish: 8 Steps (with Pictures)


Nurture the mother of the baby platies. When the mother platy gives babies, she often gets stressed and weak. In similar situations, you have to separate the ...

4 Ways to Breed and Care for Platies - wikiHow


Four Methods:Setting Up Your TankGetting Your PlatiesTaking Care of Your New FishBreeding Platies and Care for Fry. Platies are ... If you want fry (baby fish), get 2 to 3 females for every male. .... Take Care of Baby Platy Fish. How to

Livebearers: How to Raise Guppies, Mollies, Platies & Swortails in ...


... guppies, swordtails, mollies and platies are hardy, easy-care tropical fish that add ... breeder lets you watch the birth process, which can take several hours. Newborn fry should be kept in a net breeder or a small tank of their own until they  ...

How Do I: Care For The Baby Platy I Found In The Gravel Of My 20 ...


So I was cleaning the gravel in my 20 gal. tank and found a baby Platy living in the rocks. I didn't even know that my female platy had given birth ...

Platy Fish - The Care, Feeding and Breeding of Platys - Aquarium ...


Jun 21, 2014 ... Like most of the other commonly available live-bearers, platys will take care of breeding on their own, and don't require any special triggers for ...