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I would really like to but I am just too afraid to ask my mom. ... I have really hairy legs and want to shave them so I can be like my friends, but I'm so scared to ask my mum .... I am scared to tell my mom I need to shave and I am not even a teen.

How to Ask Your Mom for Permission to Shave Your Legs


If you tell your mother that you want to shave just because all of your friends or ... want anyone to see me in a swimsuit with all the hair that I have on my legs.

How to Convince Your Mom to Let You Shave Your Legs (Girl)


You can say, “There are a few reasons that I want to shave my legs. The first is that it is making me self-conscious to have hairy legs. The second is that my ...

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Nov 17, 2012 ... I keep telling myself that my mom had to go through that too but it's still ... I want to start shaving but im scared to ask my mom because it will turn ...
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Apr 28, 2013 ... How to ask your mom to shave ... ️TEENAGER'S FIRST TIME SHAVING LEGS / HOW TO SHAVE LEGS ❌‼ ... How do I Ask My Mom?

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My daughter is only 11 and she is bugging me to let her shave her legs. ..... month turning 12,, and i really want my mom to let me shave my legs,, its really embarrasing,, ..... Well if it helps i can tell you i just experinced this with my 11 year old.

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Oct 8, 2012 ... Thanks I'm soooo scared to tell my mom that I want to shave but this helped ... I write a note to my mom and now I get to shave my legs.

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You probably want to know when boys and girls need to start shaving. ... you have any hair to shave, whether you see this hair as a problem, and whether your mom or dad thinks it's OK for you to start shaving. ... When Can I Shave My Legs?

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Now the question is: how can I convince her that my legs are ready to be shaved ? Thanks a lot, and if you don't have an answer, just tell me a shaving story you ...

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Jun 29, 2010 ... Okay my daughter is 10 and she is wanting to know when she can shave ... That is funny my daughter is 11 and we just shaved her leg hairs for ...

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I get really embarrassed talkin' to my mom about things like growing up. I really wanna tell her that I wanna shave my legs, but every time I try to, I feel really ...

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Jan 24, 2012 ... I have shaved before without my mom's permission (I didn't ask her). I shaved my legs for a dance project at school where I had to be walking around in lululemon shorts, once ... Update: Haha, I meant "How do I tell my mom.

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I shaved my legs the fist time without telling my mom, and used one of those old razors with the removable heads. I suppose that just shows my ...