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I get really embarrassed talkin' to my mom about things like growing up. I really wanna tell her that I wanna shave my legs, but every time I try to, I feel really ...


... ask your mom. Tell her how you feel, and she can help you make sure you shave the right way. ... I remember trying to sneak behind my mom's back & shave my legs when I was 12. .... I really want to ask my mum but i don't know how!! I think ...


I want to start shaving my legs because they are really hairy and I am in ... I don't want to go back with hairy legs but I am really scared to ask my mom. ... But if your really scared to just tell her then when your at the store with ...


I shaved my legs the fist time without telling my mom, and used one of those old razors with the removable heads. I suppose that just shows my ...


How to Convince Your Mom to Let You Shave Your Legs (Girl). ... You can say, “ There are a few reasons that I want to shave my legs. ... or only want to shave your legs because people tell you that you should, shaving may not be a good idea.


My daughter is only 11 and she is bugging me to let her shave her legs. ..... month turning 12,, and i really want my mom to let me shave my legs,, its really embarrasing,, ..... Well if it helps i can tell you i just experinced this with my 11 year old.


Now the question is: how can I convince her that my legs are ready to be shaved ? Thanks a lot, and if you don't have an answer, just tell me a shaving story you ...


“Hey Mom, can I get a razor? I need to shave in some places. Thanks, love ya.” Just say it ... That will increase as your skin gets used to being shaved. ... you're female and don't have leg hair, tell her you want a new razor to shave your legs.


Aug 13, 2015 ... That evening, my mum leaned over the sofa to stroke my leg. An affectionate ... “ Oh my god Nell – have you shaved your legs? ... And I certainly don't want to be the person telling them what they should do with their bodies.

Feb 16, 2016 ... My mom always shaved her whole leg, so I never thought there was any other option or that people had ever done it any other way until I saw ...