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Live-bearing fish, such as mollies, practice internal fertilization and gestation. The male has a modified anal fin called a gonopodium. During mating, the male ...

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Dec 18, 2011 ... +Jimbo Jack yes you can, do a 10%water change every week .... Breeding Mollies: How to breed Molly Fish successfully in home aquarium ...

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How to Breed Molly Fish. ... For the most part, mollies are very easy to breed. ... In general, molly fish do better with larger fish tanks and more room to swim ...

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... fish are healthy enough to call that tank home and breed their children there. ... To do this we watch closely for the pregnant Molly female to get super close to ...

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Swordtails, Xiphophorus helleri, are peaceful fish that do well in a community aquarium and typically get ... when attempting to mate, he may overtire his companion if he's housed with a single female. ... How Long Do Balloon Mollies Live?

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Dec 12, 2012 ... ... male mollies can flaunt bisexual behavior to bag a mate. ... molly fish tend to go for big, colorful males, so what's a scrawny, drab guy to do?

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Guppies and mollies are closely related and very easy to breed. ... You can do this by either heavily planting the aquarium, giving them lots of places to hide, ...

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The other mollies appear to be trying to mate with it (coming at it from behind and .... I see the male chasing different females but how does the ?sperm? get ...

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For example a Gold Sailfin Male Molly can breed with a Dalmatian Pot Belly Female Molly, even ... Mollies do not do well in fish bowls and small aquariums.

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Jun 21, 2014 ... It is the Mexican sailfin molly (P. velifera), and is very difficult to breed and keep in aquariums, though it does well in outdoor ponds. It is found in ...

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Know If My Mollies Are Mating in the Molly forums, part of the Livebearers ... do fascilitate them dropping fry, so they can mate with her again.

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Black mollies do not pair off when they mate. The males will fertilize any females they come in contact with, and they will even try to fertilize females that have ...

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If you have a mature male and female molly in a healthy environment, they're ... Mollies are live-bearers which, in my research & experience, means they LOVE mating and want to do it all the time ... Will a male molly breed with a female platy ?