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Monkeys always live in groups that have a distinct hierarchy, and it is the responsibility of the leaders of these groups to organize the other monkeys to defend against predators....

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates
Monkeys are primates in the families Cebidae and Cercopithecidae, the New World and Old World monkeys, respectively. There are over 130 species, placed into 29 genera. Monkeys live in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.
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Old World monkeys are found in Africa, Central to southern Asia, Japan, and India; ... such as spider monkeys, have prehensile tails, but Old World monkeys do not. ... because biting is one of the ways monkeys fight and defend themselves .

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... areas, mostly in Japan. Snow monkeys can also be referred to as Japanese macaques. ... How Do Snow Monkeys Protect Themselves? Snow Monkey Facts  ...

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Snow monkeys protect themselves by living in groups so that each individual monkey can help to spot predators. They protect themselves from the cold winters  ...

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They are known as the Pocket Monkey, Little Lion, and the Dwarf Monkey. ... They really do enjoy bonding and spend all their free time with each other. ... own death if they have to in order for them to defend themselves and others in the group.

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The proboscis monkey is found only on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. ... thick branches growing over water, to protect themselves from predators.

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Feb 1, 2013 ... Amazing footage of how little forest dwelling monkeys use Piper leaves (which have insect repellent properties) to protect themselves against ...

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Monkeys belong to a larger group of mammals called primates. Primates have .... Troops allow monkeys to protect themselves from predators, such as humans. In Africa ... Why do you think new plant growth is important for monkeys to survive?

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Commonly called golden marmosets, these wee arboreal monkeys are ... ... Golden lion tamarins frequently aim to protect themselves against nighttime predators by resting inside openings in trees. ... What Do Golden Leaf Monkeys Eat?

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Monkeys defend themselves in a variety of ways that vary from one species to the next. Most rely on a combination of living in social groups, fleeing threats by ...

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To protect themselves from predators, they live most of their lives in the trees and build nests each night to sleep in the trees. They will leave when faced with ...

How do monkeys protect from themselves from enemies


They get into large groups and for protects then they look into the enemies eyes and there enemies run away.

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No, monkeys can not recognise themselves in the mirror. The animal that ... How do ants monkeys and elephants protect themselves from enemies? they group ...

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Sep 28, 2012 ... What does it cost? ... Researchers have been mistaken as predators themselves and received blows – at least one ... to evaluate the ability and willingness of males to protect them and their future offspring against threats.