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Dale Jr.: 'If you can't hold it, you go' - NASCAR.com


Aug 2, 2014 ... "Well, you do go to the bathroom. Yeah, so if you can hold it, you hold it. If you can't hold it, you go," Earnhardt Jr. told the media on Friday at ...

A Conversation with Race Car Driver Danica Patrick


May 4, 2007 ... When do you pee? You can go right there in your suit. People do it all the time, but I never have. I tried last year during a yellow flag [when the ...

Jimmie Johnson Do You or Do You Not ... PEE IN YOUR RACE CAR?


Feb 27, 2013 ... It's the biggest question Daytona 500 champ Jimmie Johnson -- and every other NASCAR driver -- faces during a grueling 3-4 hour race .

Do NASCAR drivers wear diapers? - Quora


It depends on the driver, on the race and the weather conditions. For most races, the answer is ... I have never known a driver to use their suit except in a situation where there was no other option. ... Typically, the last thing many drivers do before the race is to use the bathroom one final time (there are sometime porta- johns ...

Do NASCAR racers use the bathroom on themselves during races ...


Well back in the old days there were a few, but now the driver's use cool suits so mainly they just sweat out so much fluids that they don't need to pee.

How do they Pee? (drivers, motor, windshield, steam) - Auto Racing ...


How do race drivers survive four or more hours of racing without taking a "pit stop " Do they use adult diapers or pee in their suit or they.

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Nov 4, 2014 ... NASCAR Drivers Admit They've Peed In Their Race Car ... Matt Kenseth, Kyle Larson, Joey Logano and more reveal what they do when nature calls! COMMENT below - would you pee in the car if you were a NASCAR driver?

Where do NASCAR drivers go pee? ← The Urban Country


Jul 9, 2008 ... We wondered how NASCAR drivers go pee since they're in the car for 3 or 4 hours at ... (they do have water bottles in their car during the race).

Where do NASCAR drivers go to the bathroom while driving?


Feb 27, 2006 ... They try to prepare themselves before the race not to have to go. There are no special devices built into their suits, however, Depends might not ...

Four Out of Five NASCAR Drivers Depend on DEPEND


Four Out of Five NASCAR Drivers Depend on DEPEND® ... And what are you gonna do, take 30 seconds to hit the head when races are ... You're gonna pee in your pants, which are specially equipped to absorb up to two quarts of urine.”.

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The Straight Dope: How do racecar drivers relieve themselves ...


How do NASCAR drivers relieve themselves if the urge comes during the races? ... hours later, thereby hopefully eliminating the urge to use the race car as a restroom. ... "Just prior to a race, you will see all of the drivers hitting the bathroom .

How do NASCAR drivers use the bathroom during a race? | Yahoo ...


They drink a lot through hydration systems so you know they have to ... This Site Might Help You. RE: How do NASCAR drivers use the bathroom ...

NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson -- Racing Really STINKS Sometimes ...


Feb 27, 2013 ... Daytona 500 winner Jimmie Johnson dumped some major intel on us about NASCAR drivers' bodily functions during a race -- and our reaction ...