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The study of galaxy formation and evolution is concerned with the processes that formed a ... Astronomers now believe that disk galaxies likely formed first, then evolved into ... Observations show that there are stars located outside the disk, which does ... Astronomers do not currently know what process stops the contraction.


Question 9 0.5 out of 0.5 points How do observations of distant galaxies help us learn about galaxy evolution? Selected Answer: Observations at different ...


Why would this tend to change the spiral galaxy into an elliptical galaxy? ... How do observations of distant galaxies help us learn about galaxy evolution?


Assuming that all galaxies formed at about the same time, which galaxy in .... 31) How do observations of distant galaxies help us learn about galaxy evolution?


How do galaxies evolve? ... Deep observations not only look to great distances, but also look back in time. This means we see distant galaxies as they were when they were .... helping us understanding the galaxy evolution. ... Learning goals.


Oct 23, 2013 ... "We want to study very distant galaxies to learn how galaxies change with time, which helps us understand how the ... The more distant astronomers can push their observations, the ... The devil is in the details, however, when it comes to making conclusions about galaxy evolution, Finkelstein points out.


Explain how astronomers use light to learn about distant galaxies long ago; Discuss the ... We do, however, have one remarkable asset in studying galactic evolution. .... of galaxies of each type during each epoch of the universe, it will help us ...


The most distant blue galaxies in the study tend to be very different, ... this will help astronomers better understand the new findings in galaxy evolution. ..... the exoplanet eludes the usual method for learning about its atmosphere. .... Studying this sample can help us to piece together the star-formation history of the universe.


NGC 3344 is a glorious spiral galaxy around half the size of the Milky Way. ... Galaxies show us how the matter in the universe is organized on large scales. ... Clumpy and distant galaxies (needs to be plural) spied by the Hubble. ... time is a big open question in astronomy, and JWST will help astronomers to learn more.