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Leaves of plants absorb light from the sun. Leaves of plants also absorb the air that people breathe out, called carbon dioxide. Leaves of plants also absorb ...

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same way animals do. Plants make their own food! Plants produce their own food . That is why we call them producers. But it takes energy to produce food.

Plants make their own food thru the process of photosynthesis


They make their own food thru the process of photosynthesis using light energy to ... Again, respiration is the burning of sugars for energy to grow and do the ...

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Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make food from light, water, ... But what does the cow eat? ... Plants need several things to make their own food.

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Consumers get their energy by consuming food from a plant or animal. Therefore, a consumer cannot produce its own food. How do plants or producers make ...

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Organisms that produce their own food are called producers. ... Not only do these producers make food for the consumers, they leave behind non-living material ...

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Where does all the bear's energy come from? Bears get their ... Many producers make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. The "food" the ...

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Producers Consumers and Decomposers Game! ... Plants are called producers. ... They do this by using light energy from the Sun, carbon dioxide from the air and ... This is because they cannot make their own food, so they need to consume ...

What are living organisms that create their own food called ...


In an ecosystem, primary producers create their own food sources. ... What do you call a community of organisms and their nonliving environment? A: ... Biotic factors of a pond include all living organisms that make up the pond ecosystem.

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Plants produce their own food in order to survive and grow. Plants use chlorophyll, sunlight, carbon dioxide, water and minerals in order to make. ... The primary producers of the temperate rain forest are the plants that use chlorophyll to create ...

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How do producers make food? .... Question: What do you think animals use energy from food for? ... Producers are living things that can make their own food.

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They use photosynthesis and use light energy and sugars which theycan use as food.



Without plants people or other animals could not survive because we would not have the food or energy that we need. Plants and vegetable make their own food  ...