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How do we hear? Sound waves travel into the ear canal until they reach the eardrum. The eardrum passes the vibrations through the middle ear bones or ...

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Hearing depends on a series of complex steps that change sound waves in the air into electrical signals. Our auditory nerve then carries these signals to the ...

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The ability to hear is critical to understanding the world around us. The human ear is a fully developed part of our bodies at birth and responds to sounds that are ...

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with thanks to MED-EL for providing this video. Why do we hear? Different levels of hearing were first noticed at the close of World War II by Dr Ramsdell while ...

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You can hear a huge range of sounds, from a deep bass to a high– pitched whistle, and from a tiny whisper to a loud rock band. Sound travels through your ear ...

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How We Hear


How We Hear 700.gif (166 bytes). 4.jpg (1013 bytes) When we detect sounds, or noise, our body is changing the energy in sound waves into nerve impulses ...

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How we hear. Sounds are invisible vibrations that travel through the air. When someone speaks, tree leaves rustle, a telephone rings or anything else creates a  ...

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The brain and auditory system work together to control how we hear and how we balance ourselves. The human ear is a complex organ and many scientists ...

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How we hear. December 09, 2013,. in Hearing Loss. The ear is quite a piece of engineering. A complex organisation of bones, hairs, nerves and cells, it picks up  ...