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How to Dry Out a Wet Cell Phone
Dry out a wet cell phone by taking out the battery and SIM card and placing all of the parts in a bag with uncooked rice for 24 to 48 hours. Avoid putting wet cell phones in the oven, as it may melt the plastic, and consider advice from the manager of a... More »
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Mar 3, 2017 ... Even if a wet cellphone seems dead, there's a good chance it can be resuscitated as long as you act fast. This is a DIY moment: Your phone's ...

Oct 24, 2010 ... the ONLY way to instantly fix a wet cell phone or pda!!! ... I have the HTC m8 one and it sucked it dry .... I tried to suck out as much water through all openings with my vacuum and now my phone is working with no problem.


Follow the steps outlined in this article to try to save your wet cell phone. ... Pat it dry and set it aside to dry out until you reconnect your phone to your cell network  ...


May 6, 2014 ... 1. If your phone gets wet, what is the absolute best way to recover it? 2. Is rice really the best household substance for drying out a drowned ...


Oct 24, 2016 ... ... but you can often save a wet cell phone or smartphone after it's been exposed to excess liquid. ... If you can remove the SIM card, do so and pad it dry. ... You can also try using a small vacuum cleaner to suck out the liquid.


Feb 8, 2014 ... If your phone is still in the bottom of the jacuzzi or the toilet, get it out ASAP. ... Many folks swear by stuffing your phone in a bag of dry rice, and ...


Finally, there are bags known as Bheesties ™ that are specifically designed to dry out wet cell phones and other small personal electronics devices, available at  ...


Sep 9, 2016 ... Here are several tricks that may help you to dry out a wet phone or watch. Need a new phone? Check out the best smartphones of 2016.


Sep 13, 2016 ... Rice absorbs water, you want the water out of your phone… so, put it ... to dry out a wet phone, research shows the rice trick is actually a myth.