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When someone sticks their hand up a girls shirt and feels her boobs or up/down her skirt/pants and feels her pussy.


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Sep 27, 2013 ... That baboon didn't "try" to cop a feel. He did! He snatched up that breast like a champion! You could see in his face he was daring somebody to ...


feel up Vulgar. To touch or fondle (someone) sexually. Idioms: feel in (one's) bones. To have an intuition of. feel like Informal. To have an inclination or desire for: ...


feeling you up is just what it means. say if i was going to feel you up i would be putting my hands down in your pants and feeling your butt and ...


feel sb up definition, meaning, what is feel sb up: to touch someone sexually, especially someone you do not know, for your own excitement: . Learn more.


feel someone/something out definition, meaning, what is feel someone/ something out: to try to get information from someone or from a situation without asking ...


feel somebody ↔ up meaning, definition, what is feel somebody ↔ up: to touch someone sexually, without their...: Learn more.


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