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Select Approved from the Approval Status drop-down list and clickthe Search ... After you have approved transactions how can you determine which transaction ...


Make sure you have the most current version of this user guide (and access additional .... Transaction List screen after selecting the Cardholder Transaction ... To filter by approval status, select the Show only those transactions awaiting.


You may only be able to view transaction approval screens, without being able to perform any ... The screens and tasks will display as shown in this user guide, but the ... As an approval manager, you need to approve your own transactions using the ... To filter the list by status, select an approval status, pull-back eligibility.


Hi renees369, You can open the Transaction List by Customer, and customize ... I just want to get a report showing all the cash payments (as opposed ... While this works for running the report by Payment Method, it doesn't allow me to filter by Class. ... The card was approved and the invoice shows as paid.


List of reports .... You have the option of only displaying cash transactions in the report if you ... You can export it to Excel, where you can apply more filters if you want. ... The report will only show up to two tracking columns, as Xero only allows two ... on the Detailed Account Transactions Report once it has been approved.


Approved Transactions; Pending Transactions; Voided/Rejected ... To narrow the list, select CC & ACH Management from the filters, and then click Approved ... " Void Checked Transactions" link: This link only voids the credit card transaction itself; ... This report will show you all ACH, ELV or direct debit transactions that have ...


A guide for approving, returning, and canceling a work list transaction .... These transactions also use workflow and appear on the worklist ... To check what roles you currently have, log in to PeopleSoft at https://hr.oasis.asu.edu. .... At the top of the work list, you will find a series of filters to narrow your work list to view only.


Jun 1, 2017 ... You can click this drop-down selector and filter the activity displayed to include only the ... The Orders tab lists transaction activity and includes multiple Activity: ... Canceled, This page includes only transactions that have been ... Pending Approval, This page will show orders that are pending your approval, ...


Feb 9, 2017 ... All Quicken products have an unconditional 60-day money back satisfaction ... In the right pane, select the settings you want to use. ... Show transaction toolbar ... Gray reconciled transactions ... This option affects both registers and investment transaction lists. ... Keep register filters after Quicken closes.


Oct 18, 2013 ... QuickBooks will match the downloaded transactions to existing ... In just a few steps, you will be ready to download bank or credit card ... click on the colored bar at the top of the window to filter the results for the ... Add/Approved – transactions that you have approved while viewing the Transaction List.