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Because many graves are on consecrated ground, religious officials must be notified and their permission must be granted in order to legally exhume a body.

Exhumation of the remains of a deceased person


Jan 22, 2014 ... Rules governing the exhumation of the remains of a deceased ... with very strict guidelines (including permission granted by the family). ... is granted, consideration is given to the length of time the body has been interred.

Exhuming a Corpse For Forensic Analysis - Explore Forensics


Jul 24, 2016 ... There are any number of reasons why a body might be exhumed for ..... rare for permission to be given for an exhumation and there have to be ...

Exhuming a deceased body - Dacorum Borough Council


Exhuming a deceased body. ... If the remains are in consecrated ground then permission must be obtained from the Diocesan Court. From time to time, due to ...

Apply for an exhumation licence - GOV.UK


Nov 12, 2014 ... You need an exhumation licence if you are removing human remains ... of a human being, either in the form of a body or cremated remains.

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Gaining permission for an exhumation can be long, complicated and traumatic. Lawful consent is required to perform an exhumation.

What are the procedures to exhume a body when new evidence


There are two procedures that can be used or this. First, the heirs of the deceased can give written consent to the police and/or medical examiner's office to ...

Exhumation - Slate


May 10, 1998 ... Exhumation is allowed only when a body is to be reburied with family ... general for permission to exhume family members for any reason, and ...

A Grave Interest: Remains of the Day – Relocating a Body


Feb 8, 2013 ... Moving a body from one cemetery to another used to be a rare ..... to have a body exhumed and cremated so that the family can take the remains with .... They moved him without his next of kin permission his wife and children.

Exhumations - Merton Council


Dec 18, 2014 ... Exhumation is the removal of human remains from their place of interment. ... that it is not lawful to remove any body or the remains of any body, ... than one registered grave owner then all owners must give written permission.

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Exhume Law & Legal Definition


A person seeking to exhume a body must usually petition to have the body ... and the written consent of the majority of such heirs at law named in said affidavit ...

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Information on why bodies are exhumed and what needs to happen in order for it to ... If permission is granted, you will sent the date and time of the exhumation.

Exhumation Guidance


Nov 27, 2015 ... Exhumation is the term used when human or cremated remains are to ... to work through before you finally obtain the proper permissions and ...