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Oct 11, 2014 ... The 'no crow rooster collar' is a velcro collar, which dimishes the force behind a rooster's crow. It makes the crow almost sound like a burb.
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Jul 27, 2013 ... There is no other way to stop roosters from crowing other than chopping their heads off. You may lock them up in soundproof boxes but when ...

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Mar 5, 2010 ... As for mornings… sorry… its natures built-in alarm clock that they get up and forage because the early bird gets the worm don't cha' know.

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Jul 6, 2010 ... (Well, except the other 3/4 of the year when the stupid things shut-up…. since roosters don't ever shut-up.) Jul 7, 2010 at 8:10 am rating: 90 ...

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Jul 23, 2003 ... How do I stop neighbor's crowing roosters. ... Give hime the chance to make it right. Interact. My Recent ... That tends to shut em up for a while

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Jul 20, 2010 ... When he jumps up onto something to crow, I am conditioning him to jump down and generally shut up, by making a hissing sound while ...

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I know from butchering animals that the thing that makes the noise is in ... is a fairly rare breed so I wanted to keep it, but it just wouldn't shut up.

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He messed with the sock for about 30 minutes and then gave up... but ... Needless to say the rooster didn't crow the whole time. ... I think they thought something was wrong since the rooster wasn't making his normal racket.

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She put up a photo on facebook of her collar on the silky. ... I am pretty sure that you will get a determined rooster who wont take no for an answer :D .... near me and only when I've gone in and he's heard the back door shut.

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The land was hot, the river dried up, and crops began to die. ... “Roosters crow whenever they feel like it: morning, noon and night, not to mention ... Tool) and you can also get the No Crow Collar to keep the crowing down from Amazon. ... the other, my orpington will crow but the welsummer at times will not shut up & when I ...