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Oct 12, 2016 ... Discover 10 authentic ways to say "how are you" in French and learn about the nuances and subtleties of each phrase.

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You'll also learn the formal and informal French for asking people how they are – important .... With Hear it Say it! you can tune your ear to French, increase your ...

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Sep 21, 2013 ... Watch more How to Learn French videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/ 513215-How-to-Say-How-Are-You-in-French-French-Lessons How ...

How to say 'How are you?' in French? Are there different formal and ...


Yes,there is different formal and informal versions . Informal versions /casual gretting : used with friends ,family (...) : "Comment vas-tu? / Tu vas bien? / Comment ça ...

10 Useful French Greetings and Salutations for French Learners


Tired of saying “bonjour”? Want to take your boring “bonjour” and turn it into something more memorable? You've come to the right place. Whether you're a ...

How Are You in French - Learn French via skype


Learn ways of asking somebody how they're doing in French including Comment allez-vous, Comment ... In this lesson you will learn how to sayHow are you?

How to Say, "How Are You," in French


The French phrase for "How are you?" is an important one to learn for conversing with French speakers. While different versions of the phrase will be best suited ...

French Greetings | How Are You in French - Learn a Language


Learn French greetings like how are you in french, goodbye in french, and ... Saying good morning in French is essentially the same thing as saying hello in ...

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Learning how to say thank you and please with a French lesson and audio exemples.

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You will find here a few English phrases and their French ...

Comment allez-vous? ('kɔmɑ̃ tale vu') is French for How Are You? (formal).
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4 Ways to Say How Are You in French - wikiHow


How to Say How Are You in French. The standard way to ask someone "how are you?" in French is to ask, "comment allez-vous?" There is more than one way to ...

How Do You Say "How Are You" in French? - French Language


Now that you've studied your basic French greetings and learned how to say hello in French, how to say goodbye in French, and how to say see you soon in ...

How to say 'How are you' in french - Quora


When talking to your friend or someone informally, you say “Comment ça va?” or just “Ça va?”. When in a formal occasion, or talking to more than one person, you  ...