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Y'all (/jɔːl/ yawl) (sometimes ya'll or yall) is a contraction of you and all ( sometimes combined as you-all). It is used as a second-person pronoun. The exclusive ...

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STOP! Don't make this mistake ever again. Learn the proper uses and spelling of ya'll and y'all with example sentences at Writing Explained.

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Sometimes I spell it ya'll and sometimes y'all. Which the heck is right? I have seen it both ways.



“How y'all doin'?” If you are rendering this common Southernism in print, be careful where you place the apostrophe, which stands for the second and third ...

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what is going on with y'all? by care ... y'all. Southern 2nd person plural pronoun. Most concise and easily distinguished. Despite the ... How idiots spell y'all.

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Jan 21, 2013 ... If there's one thing Texans love more than saying y'all, it's a good ... readers were quick to gripe, needs to work on its spelling of “y'all”).

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Define y'all: —y'all in a sentence. ... I was raised in southern Louisiana, and people use y'all all the time.but the ... What Does a Spelling Bee Pronouncer Do?

Breaking the Spine: A Crasis Crisis: Y'all vs. Ya'll


Jul 30, 2008 ... William Faulkner, y'all is probably what spell check will tell you. However, in ... If others what to spell it y'all, that too is okay with me. I believe ...

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Y'all, which originates in the U.S. and is common in many regions of the country, is a contraction of you and all. Although the word is generally considered out of ...

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Y'all definition, you-all. See more. ... [yawl] /yɔl/. Spell Syllables. pronoun. 1. you- all. Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the ... Word Origin and History for y'all

The conventional spelling is y'all.
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Sep 21, 2010 ... I've seen people ardently defend ya'll as their preferred spelling, but it makes ... of "you all", so I would assume that y'all is the correct spelling.

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Jul 10, 2012 ... Sorting out the correct spelling of y'all is a lot easier than dealing with 'definitely'. .... "Ya'll is the spelling of the contraction of the word ya + all.

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For byspel, one might walk into a store and say, "How y'all doing?" meaning the clerk .... The correct spelling of the contraction for "you all" is "y'all." The above ...